All Risks definition

All Risks property insurance in an amount adequate to cover the full replacement cost of all Tenant Additions to the Premises, equipment, installations, fixtures and contents of the Premises in the event of loss; (d) In the event a motor vehicle is to be used by Tenant in connection with its business operation from the Premises, Comprehensive Automobile Liability Insurance coverage with limits of not less than Three Million and No/100 Dollars ($3,000,000.00) combined single limit coverage against bodily injury liability and property damage liability arising out of the use by or on behalf of Tenant, its agents and employees in connection with this Lease, of any owned, non-owned or hired motor vehicles; and (e) such other insurance or coverages as Landlord reasonably requires.
All Risks property insurance including at least the following perils: fire and extended coverage, smoke damage, vandalism, malicious mischief, sprinkler leakage (including earthquake sprinkler leakage). This insurance policy must be upon all property owned by Tenant, for which Tenant is legally liable, or which is installed at Tenant's expense, and which is located in the Building including, without limitation, any Tenant Improvements which satisfy the foregoing qualification and any Alterations, and all furniture, fittings, installations, fixtures and any other personal property of Tenant, in an amount not less than the full replacement cost thereof. If there is a dispute as to full replacement cost, the decision of Landlord or any mortgagee of Landlord will be presumptive.
All Risks or “Special Form” or the current equivalent form property insurance (including coverage from loss or damage arising from acts of terrorism) on each Building and the contents therein of the Borrower and each Subsidiary Guarantor in an amount not less than one hundred percent (100%) of the full replacement cost of each Building and the contents therein of the Borrower and each Subsidiary Guarantor or such other amount as the Agent may approve, with deductibles not to exceed $100,000.00 for any one occurrence, with a replacement cost coverage endorsement, an agreed amount endorsement, and, if requested by the Agent, ordinance or law coverage in such amounts as the Agent may reasonably require. Full replacement cost as used herein means the cost of replacing the Building (exclusive of the cost of excavations, foundations and footings below the lowest basement floor) and the contents therein of the Borrower and each Subsidiary Guarantor without deduction for physical depreciation thereof;

Examples of All Risks in a sentence

  • All Risks Tenants Legal Liability - to protect the Contractor for liabilities arising out of its occupancy of leased premises.

  • The contractor shall submit the CAR (Contractor All Risks) policy for the awarded value of work and valid for the entire duration of the work including extending period of work, if any.

  • So long as their respective insurers so permit, Tenant and Landlord hereby mutually waive their respective rights of recovery against each other for any loss insured by fire, extended coverage, All Risks or other insurance now or hereafter existing for the benefit of the respective party but only to the extent of the net insurance proceeds payable under such policies.

  • CONTRACTOR'S Equipment Coverage (or a certification of self-insurance satisfactory to the CITY) must be provided on an "All Risks" basis, covering physical damage to all tools and equipment, including automotive equipment owned, rented, or used by the CONTRACTOR.

  • For delivery of goods at site, the insurance shall be obtained by the Supplier in an amount equal to 110% of the value of the goods from "warehouse to warehouse" (final destinations) on "All Risks" basis including War Risks and Strikes.

More Definitions of All Risks

All Risks. PROPERTY INSURANCE (INCLUDING WAR AND ALLIED RISK except when on the ground or in transit other than by air or sea) on all Engines and Parts when not installed on the Aircraft (to the extent not covered under the Aircraft hull insurances described in paragraphs (a) and (b) above), including Engine test and running risks, in an amount equal to replacement value in the case of the Engines;
All Risks insurance upon all property owned by the Tenant or for which it is legally liable or installed or affixed by or on behalf of the Tenant and which is located in the Development including, without limitation, furniture, fittings installations, alterations, additions, partitions and fixtures or anything in the nature of a leasehold improvement made or installed by or on behalf of the Tenant, in an amount equal to the full replacement cost thereof;
All Risks. : this form of cover means that loss or damage arising from any conceivable risk is covered by the policy unless an exclusion applies. The claimant merely has to show that an accidental loss has occurred, without the need to pinpoint its exact cause – e.g. where a consignee insured under a cargo “all risks” policy has suffered short delivery of the insured cargo, it will be sufficient for him to submit to the insurer a document issued by the carrier or another third party which certifies the loss without suggesting its cause. It will then be for the insurer to prove that the loss is not covered if policy liability is to be denied.
All Risks. (including flood and earthquake) property insurance with deductibles not exceeding 3% of the amount insured, naming the Landlord, the owners of the Lands and Development and the Mortgagee as insured parties, containing a waiver of any subrogation rights which the Tenant's insurers may have against the Landlord and against those for whom the Landlord is in law responsible, and (except with respect to the Tenant's chattels) incorporating the Mortgagee's standard mortgage clause. Such insurance shall insure: (1) property of every kind owned by the Tenant or for which the Tenant is legally liable located on or in the Development including, without limitation, Leasehold Improvements, in an amount equal to not less than 90% of the full replacement cost thereof, subject to a stated amount co-insurance clause; and (2) extra expense insurance in such amount as will reimburse the Tenant for loss attributable to all perils referred to in this paragraph 6.01(a)(i) or resulting from prevention of access to the Premises;
All Risks insurance on the Engines while not installed on any Airframe in an amount not less than replacement cost thereof.
All Risks insurance (including War and Allied Perils Liability Insurance in accordance with AVN52E); and
All Risks. Insurance (including War and Allied Perils Insurance) in respect of Spare Parts, Engines and Equipment when not installed on the aircraft (including any of the Customer’s or third party spare parts or components in the possession of Magnetic MRO), for not less than the replacement value of such spare parts, engines and equipment.