Consecutive Sample Clauses

Consecutive. Such period must be consecutive unless the Artist and the Engager agree otherwise; and
Consecutive. Such period must be consecutive and may not exceed four (4) days.
Consecutive working days per employee per contract year, to a maximum of fifty (50) days total for the bargaining unit. It is understood that not more than one (1) employee from any supervisory unit (a supervisory unit shall be defined as a group of employees who report to a particular supervisor and team assignments and size of work units will also be considered) shall be granted such leave at any particular time. Time spent on such short-term leave of absence shall be considered as time worked for longevity and/or benefit computation. The Union agrees to give the Employer ten (10) working days advance written notice of a request for such leave. The Employer shall have the right to deny such request based on operational / staffing needs. The Employer may waive this notice requirement at its discretion. Notwithstanding the above, an affected employee will continue to receive regular pay during the period of an approved short-term Union leave of absence, with the Union (Local Union Treasurer) reimbursing the Employer the total employee cost for such time.
Consecutive. The job posting procedure provided in w i l l apply only to the vacancy or new job plus three (3) openings thereby created. Subsequent openings a s a of those may be f i l l e d a t sole discretion. In the event there is no qualified applicant for a posted position, Management may, a t its discretion, select one of the senior applicants who has been preparing for qualification, for a t r i a l period of
Consecutive. Hours: If an employee works less than sixteen (16) consecutive hours on call out and has not been off duty at least eight (8) consecutive hours during the fifteen (15) hour period immediately preceding the (next) regularly scheduled work period, the employee shall be granted an eight (8) hour rest period upon release from work. All the above stipulations for the rest period apply.
Consecutive. Such period must be consecutive except as provided for elsewhere in this Agreement.
Consecutive. All Warrants except those comprising the unexercised Representative's Warrant, must be redeemed if any are redeemed.

Related to Consecutive

  • Consecutive Hours The regular hours of work each day shall be consecutive except that they may be interrupted by unpaid lunch periods. No split shifts will be implemented without the mutual agreement of the Local Union and the Appointing Authority. Each party may cancel such agreement with thirty (30) days written notice to the other party.

  • Calendar Applications/nominations of incoming students must reach the receiving institution by (the deadlines indicated herewith are not final and different dates might apply and can be agreed upon): Country Nominations Applications FROM TO Autumn term Spring term Autumn term Spring term CZ DE 15 June 15 December 15 June 15 December DE CZ 31 May 1 November 15 May 15 November Application procedure for incoming students Country Contact e-mail Contact phone Website for information FROM TO CZ DE xxxx:// DE CZ xxxx://xxx.xxxx.xx/incoming-erasmus-general-info Additional requirements Country Requirement Details Website for information FROM TO CZ DE --- --- --- DE CZ --- --- --- The receiving institution will send its decision within 5 weeks after the deadline for mobility to DE and within 4 weeks after the deadline for mobility to CZ.

  • months The provisions of the Contract will apply (subject to any Variation or adjustment to the Contract Price pursuant to clause C4 (Price adjustment on extension of the Initial Contract Period)) throughout any such extended period.