Consecutive Sample Clauses

Consecutive. Hours: If an employee works less than sixteen (16) consecutive hours on call out and has not been off duty at least eight (8) consecutive hours during the fifteen (15) hour period immediately preceding the (next) regularly scheduled work period, the employee shall be granted an eight (8) hour rest period upon release from work. All the above stipulations for the rest period apply.
Consecutive. All Warrants except those comprising the unexercised Representative's Warrant, must be redeemed if any are redeemed.
Consecutive. Such period must be consecutive unless the Artist and the Engager agree otherwise; and

Related to Consecutive

  • consecutive months An Employee will receive a year of Service for vesting purposes for each twelve (12)

  • Measurement Period delete the definition of Measurement Period and replace it with the following:

  • Period 4.1. The period of the Contract is from and including (commencement date) (the “Commencement Date”) to and including (initial expiry date), unless it is terminated earlier or extended under clause 4.2.

  • Calendar The Gregorian calendar shall be used in calculating, invoicing and paying all amounts due under this Agreement.

  • Weekends The Employer will make a good faith effort to schedule all staff nurses to every other weekend off, or to two weekends off out of four successive weekends. Except in emergency situations, all such nurses shall be scheduled as stated above. The employer may schedule a nurse to less than every other weekend. The weekend shall be defined for first (day) and second (evening) shift personnel as Saturday and Sunday. For third (night) shift personnel, the weekend shall be defined as Friday night and Saturday night. However, in the event any employee agrees to work on an unscheduled weekend, all time worked on the unscheduled weekend shall be paid at the rate of double time the regular rate of pay. Time worked on the next regularly scheduled weekend shall be at the employee’s regular rate of pay. This section shall not apply to staff nurses who request more frequent weekend duty or who request weekend work on a continuous basis or who trade single or double days on a weekend.

  • months The provisions of the Contract will apply (subject to any Variation or adjustment to the Contract Price pursuant to clause C4 (Price adjustment on extension of the Initial Contract Period)) throughout any such extended period.

  • End of Fiscal Years; Fiscal Quarters The Parent shall cause (i) each of its, and each of its Subsidiaries’, fiscal years to end on December 31 of each year and (ii) each of its and its Subsidiaries’ fiscal quarters to end on March 31, June 30, September 30 and December 31 of each year.

  • Month A period commencing at 10:00 a.m., Eastern Standard Time, on the first Day of a calendar month and extending until 10:00 a.m., Eastern Standard Time, on the first Day of the next succeeding calendar month. Monthly shall have the correlative meaning.

  • Weeks 11:03 Each employee who has completed eight (8) years' continuous service in the employ of the Company and has worked a minimum of one thousand (1,000) hours for the Company during the preceding twelve (12) months shall be entitled to a total of four (4) weeks vacation with pay equal to four (4) full weeks straight time pay at the employee's regular rate, or eight percent (8%) of annual gross earnings, whichever is the greater.

  • Period of Duration The term of the Company shall continue in perpetuity, unless the Company is earlier dissolved pursuant to law or the provisions of this Agreement.