Client Registration Sample Clauses

Client Registration. 3.1. It is possible to register in the service program at the initial request of the Client to the Company or Partner and acceptance of the terms of these Rules for the purpose of further provision of services to him.
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Client Registration. Party B shall submit the registered clients list to Party A with this Agreement, Party A shall procure that such clients are registered and provided with relevant services. Within the term of this Agreement, regarding to the advertisement of such clients on Tianjin Satellite TV Channel, Party A shall have the exclusive right to determinate the price of advertisements, and Party B shall have the exclusive right to serve for such clients. If such clients appoint other advertising agency company for such service, parties shall re-negotiate and such amount will be calculated in the agency amount of Party B, but award and favorable policy will not apply to such amount.
Client Registration. You must contact WHOLESALE-EXPRESS at the following phone number: (450) 000- 0000; a customer service representative will contact you to identify your needs and provide you with a personalized service. We will give you a user name and a password. You are responsible for the confidentiality of your username and your password, and we will be responsible of all transactions executed with them. Please notify WHOLESALE-EXPRESS in writing immediately if you discover that an unauthorized use of your online account is made.
Client Registration. 5 1) Perform client registration within five (5) business days of the client's referral or 6 initial client contact. Client Registration shall include gathering of pertinent client information necessary 7 to establish the client’s eligibility, demographic information, and information necessary for federal 8 reporting.
Client Registration. 2.1. The Client will become a member of the Platform and entitled to use the Services on the date (the “Effective Date”) the Client has completed the Online Registration Form via the Website, has been provided with a unique username and password to access the Platform.
Client Registration. 17.1. As required by the relevant Anti Money Laundering and Counter Terrorist Financing (“AML & CTF”) requirements, we perform an Account Opening Procedure, in order to identify and verify our Customers. Through this procedure we obtain all personal data (as defined in this Agreement) of you to enable us to verify you. In addition, an appropriateness assessment is being performed to your personal data, against the products and services offered, to the extend required by the applicable regulations.
Client Registration. Domus Invest will accept a client registration, providing the Agent submits the full name and nationality of the potential client and providing the client has not been previously registered with Domus Invest. Domus Invest will honour this registration in the event of the client visiting our Sales office directly, however, should the client visit our Sales Office with another agency, Domus Invest shall register the client with the agency that first visits the office with the client.
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Client Registration. To be eligible to participate as a CLIENT on the FUTURE BAKERS portal, you will need to submit a “BRIEF” describing your project/contest (either online or by sending it to You will also need to submit the following information - Name of the company and your TAX ID - Name of the individual representing the company - Date of birth - Email address - Telephone number - Agreement with this USER AGREEMENT and other documents that are part of this agreement (PRIVACY POLICY, CODE of CONDUCT FOR CLIENTS) The BRIEF that the client will submit either directly online or via email to must contain at least the following:
Client Registration. Buenavista Hills will accept a client registration, providing the Agency submits the full name and nationality of the potential client and providing the client has not been previously registered with Buenavista Hills. Buenavista Hills will honour this registration in the event of the client visiting our Sales office together with the Agent. In case of conflict Buena Vista Hills will honour the registration with the Agency that first visited the office with the client.
Client Registration. 4.1. To access the services provided by the Company, the Client must complete the registration process on the Company's website and create a personal account (Trader’s Room) by providing accurate and complete information as required by the Company. The Client agrees to keep their registration information updated and inform the Company of any changes promptly.
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