Wholesale Sample Clauses

Wholesale. REVENUE RATIO - Based on the sum of the electric wholesale revenue at the end of each month for the immediately preceding twelve consecutive calendar months, the numerator of which is for an operating company or an affected affiliate company and the denominator of which is for all operating companies and affected affiliate companies. This ratio will be determined annually, or at such time as may be required due to significant changes.
Wholesale. These designations are for the life of this Working Agreement unless otherwise negotiated at the Bargaining Level. If an employee is transferred at the Company’s instance from one organizational unit to another after the effective date of this Agreement and there is a subsequent force adjustment in either the old or the new organizational unit, the employee will be grouped back with his/her previous organizational unit providing he/she is performing the same basic job duties as he/she performed in the previous organization.
Wholesale. BUYER agrees to pay GROWER $ per bushel/pound (specify units) at time of delivery, plus any added shipping or handling costs to which they have agreed.
Wholesale. As further security, Pledgor hereby grants to Lender a security interest in any payments, warrants, stock rights, rights to subscribe, liquidating dividends, stock dividends, dividends paid in stock, new securities or other property which Pledgor is or may hereafter become entitled to receive on account of the Pledged Stock and, except as provided SECTION 4 hereof, in the event that Pledgor receives any such money or property Pledgor will immediately deliver it to the Lender to be held hereunder in the same manner as the property originally delivered hereunder. The Pledged Stock and any and all money and property hereinafter delivered to the Lender is hereinafter called the "Collateral". The Collateral shall constitute security for the Obligations.
Wholesale. Auto Receivables LLC has caused or will have caused, within ten days, the filing of all appropriate financing statements in the proper filing office in the appropriate jurisdictions under applicable law in order to perfect the security interest in the Trust Assets granted to the Issuing Entity under this Agreement.
Wholesale. The hours of employmen wholesale markets shell be .as follows: On Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays, from 7 A»M» to 11 A.M«; on Thursdays, from 5 A.M. to 3 P.M.; on Fridays, from S A»M. to 11 A.U,; on Saturdays, in the months of October to April, both inclusive, to begin one hour after sunset and to continue for two hours-; on all other Saturdays, to begin one—half hour after sunset and to continue for two hours, Two continuous hours of rest shall be given to etch Schochet on Thursday during the hours of employment,
Wholesale rate annually for each unit sold, defined as a family unit of immediate family members, consistent with the definition of MA's family unit.