Service program definition

Service program or “service” means any medical care ambulance service or nontransport service that has received authorization by the department.
Service program or “service” means any transport service or nontransport service, inclusive of associated satellites and service program affiliates, that has received full or conditional authorization from the department.
Service program or “service” means any medical care ambulance service or nontransport service that has received authorization from the department under section 147A.5.

Examples of Service program in a sentence

  • The Food Service program shall meet all requirements of the National School Lunch Program of the United States Department of Agriculture, and the California Department of Education.

  • If a facility substantially or consistently underperforms, i.e., fails to keep its severity (repair costs) down or in a range acceptable to State Farm, that facility will not get repair referrals from State Farm and/or the facility will simply be removed from the Select Service program.

  • Can the Minister confirm what proportion of these costs will be met from the Saluting Their Service program.

  • Employees will be responsible for monitoring their leave balance throughout the year via the Employee Self Service program.

  • Beginning with the inception of the Select Service program in 2006, State Farm instituted a most favored nation provision into its uniform DRP agreements (“State Farm MFN”), by which State Farm ensures the benefit of paying the lowest prices on all aspects of repairs that Select Service facilities charge to – or are paid by – any other insurer.

More Definitions of Service program

Service program or “service” means service program as defined in 641—132.1(147A).
Service program means a non-governmental entity that provides
Service program means a program providing community mental health services or community addiction services pursuant to Chapter 340. of the Revised Code , and rules relating to such programs promulgated under section 5119.36 of the Revised Code by the department.
Service program means a set of social services functions organized around a unifying theme, directed at meeting specific needs within the eligible population. Service programs are directed at the goals specified in Section 30-001.1.
Service program means that certain combination, marked and chosen by You in the Registration Form filled while registering to the Services, reflecting certain edition of the Main System (Trial, Free or Full), certain amount of permitted End Points and Designated Users, certain amount of storage space and certain combination of modules available for the Main System.
Service program means the program described in Article XXI herein.