Depository Bank definition

Depository Bank means the Institution that issues a specific Depositary Receipt on behalf of the underlying company. The Depository Bank maintains a holding of Stock in the Underlying on which it is able to issue Depositary Receipts;
Depository Bank has the meaning set forth in the Preamble.
Depository Bank means each financial institution at which a Depository Account is maintained.

Examples of Depository Bank in a sentence

  • Until the AR Loan Obligations are Paid in Full, AR Lender will have the exclusive authority to exercise control (unless prohibited by law) over the Deposit Accounts and to provide appropriate instructions to the applicable Depository Bank.

  • The report shall include the name and corporate address of the Depository Bank, the Escrow Account number which the Escrowed Funds are held, and the fund balance.

  • If you make a deposit at the Depository Bank before our Cutoff time on a Banking Day, the Bank will review and, if appropriate, process the Electronic File on that Bank’s Day.

  • If you make a deposit to the Depository Bank after the Cutoff Time on any Bank’s Day, the Bank may process your deposit on either the presentment date or on the following Banking Day.

  • Upon request, the Company shall furnish the original or a copy of the authorization to any affected Participating Depository Bank, as defined in the Rules.

More Definitions of Depository Bank

Depository Bank means a “Qualified Depository” as defined in the State Money Management Act of 1974, Title 51, Chapter 7, Utah Code Annotated, 1953, as amended, selected by the Issuer to receive deposits for the Revenue Account as herein described, the deposits of which shall be insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation.
Depository Bank means, at any time, the depository bank which is party to the Cash Trap Account Security Agreement, the Project-Level Account Security Agreement or a Controlled Account Agreement.
Depository Bank means a bank designated by the Commissioner of Taxation and Finance to hold deposits of the Corporation's funds. The obligation on the part of the Depository Bank is that it keeps the deposit and, upon request, restores it to the depositor or otherwise delivers it according to the original trust.
Depository Bank means the Michigan bank or trust company selected by the Board which is a member of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation.
Depository Bank means Xxxxx Fargo Bank, N.A., or any successor depository bank appointed by Buyer and reasonably acceptable to Seller, or appointed by Buyer in its sole discretion during the continuance of an Event of Default.
Depository Bank means Citizens Bank.