Securities Intermediary definition

Securities Intermediary means a clearing corporation or a Person, including, without limitation, a bank or broker, that in the ordinary course of its business maintains Securities Accounts for others and is acting in that capacity.
Securities Intermediary has the meaning specified in the first paragraph of this Agreement.

Examples of Securities Intermediary in a sentence

  • The provisions of Sections 2.12, 10.03 and 10.11 and Article IX shall survive and remain in full force and effect regardless of the consummation of the transactions contemplated hereby, the repayment of the Advances, the resignation or removal of the Administrative Agent, the Collateral Agent or the Securities Intermediary, the expiration or termination of the Commitments or the termination of this Agreement or any provision hereof.

More Definitions of Securities Intermediary

Securities Intermediary shall have the meaning given such term in Section 8-102(14) of the UCC.
Securities Intermediary means the Person named as Securities Intermediary in the first paragraph of this Agreement, acting in its capacity as such hereunder, until a successor Securities Intermediary shall have become such pursuant to the applicable provisions of this Agreement, and thereafter “Securities Intermediary” shall mean such successor or any subsequent successor.
Securities Intermediary. Security Entitlement”; “Supporting Obligations”; and “Tangible Chattel Paper.”
Securities Intermediary means The Bank of New York Mellon, a New York banking corporation, solely in the capacity of a “securities intermediary” as defined in the NY UCC and Federal Book-Entry Regulations or any successor securities intermediary under the Indenture.
Securities Intermediary has the meaning specified in Section 3.07 of the Indenture.
Securities Intermediary. As defined in Section 5.01(b)(i) of the Servicing Agreement.
Securities Intermediary means U.S. Bank National Association.