CITY MANAGER’S RECOMMENDED ACTION. This agreement formalizes the mechanism that may be used by the City to transfer civil rights complaints to the Iowa Civil Rights Commission for investigation. ICRC will compensate the City for acting as the intake agent under this agreement. The City and ICRC have maintained this arrangement for several years. Transferring this time- consuming investigation responsibility to the ICRC will allow the Ames Human Relations Commission more time to devote to proactive educational projects in the community. Therefore, it is the recommendation of the City Manager that the City Council adopt Alternative No. 1, as described above.
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CITY MANAGER’S RECOMMENDED ACTION. Cellular phone infrastructure is important for citizens and the City, especially during emergency events. Increasing the resiliency of cell service is something the City supports. The improvements will have no material impacts on the use of the property for finished water storage, and staff have given their approval to the proposed improvements.
CITY MANAGER’S RECOMMENDED ACTION. This State grant provides an outside source of funding to facilitate tobacco, alternative nicotine and vapor products regulations compliance within the community.
CITY MANAGER’S RECOMMENDED ACTION. Liquid sodium hypochlorite is an essential treatment chemical, as it provides the final disinfectant barrier that keeps drinking water and cooling tower water safe from microbial contaminants. The Water Plant and Power Plant staff will be working over the coming months to evaluate multiple options in these utility budgets to offset the steep cost increases.
CITY MANAGER’S RECOMMENDED ACTION. A pole attachment agreement is an important component of accommodating MetroNet’s proposed deployment in the community. Such agreements exist with other telecommunications utilities in the City. The proposed agreement includes provisions that will allow MetroNet’s proposed buildout pace to be accommodated without compromising the quality of the review process or causing increased cost to the utility. The proposed underground locate letter of agreement allows the City to hire an outside utility locates firm during MetroNet’s construction process. MetroNet will reimburse the City for the cost of these services. This proposal allows the City’s existing locate employees to continue providing locate services for other contractors and residents doing work in the community. Therefore, it is the recommendation of the City Manager that the City Council adopt Alternative No. 1 as described above.
CITY MANAGER’S RECOMMENDED ACTION. The subject sites are zoned RM with the Single-Family Conservation Overlay District, which allows for apartment, one-family, and two-family dwellings on existing lots and subject to development standards. However, remote parking is not an allowed activity for these lots. The ZBA granted the variance by finding that all the criteria had been met for a variance to allow for remote parking on 708 Xxxxxxx for the existing apartment buildings at 700 and 708 Xxxxxxx subject to compliance with all parking lot and landscaping standards. The two properties currently are licensed rental properties and their status of conformity with the Rental Code is unaffected by the proposed remote parking. The addition of parking does improve the condition of the site at 708 Xxxxxxx, which informally, has served as parking for both sites while they have been under common ownership. With approval of the remote parking agreement, the use of the parking is exclusive to these two properties and it is limited in benefit to the existing configuration of the apartment buildings. Neither the approved variance nor proposed remote parking would allow for redevelopment of the site with new apartment buildings that did not meet site development standards for on-site parking. Therefore, it is the recommendation of the City Manager that the City Council approve Alternative #1, thereby approving the attached Remote Parking Agreement to provide required parking at 000 Xxxxxxx Xxxxxx for the apartment complex and Guest lodging use at 000 Xxxxxxx Xxxxxx. Attachment A- Location Map Attachment B- Remote Parking Agreement & Site Plan
CITY MANAGER’S RECOMMENDED ACTION. Rather than wait until the results of the September 10th bond election are known to begin negotiations with the Heartland Senior Services regarding the Healthy Life Center, the staff has been working to finalize the attached agreement to avoid any delays in starting construction should the referendum pass. Therefore, it is the recommendation of the City Manager that the City Council support Alternative #1 and approve the attached agreement between the City and Heartland Senior Services. MEMORANDUM OF AGREEMENT BETWEEN THE CITY OF XXXX AND HEARTLAND SENIOR SERVICES REGARDING THE HEALTHY LIFE CENTER
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CITY MANAGER’S RECOMMENDED ACTION. Approval of this agreement with the Iowa DOT must happen before moving forward with construction of this project in the 2022 construction season. Delay or rejection of this agreement could delay this street project and will require additional funding. Therefore, it is the recommendation of the City Manager that the City Council adopt Alternative No. 1, as noted above. Appendix A: Alternative Development and Evaluation ▪ IN PLAN ,340,000 ▪ COST = $2 340,000
CITY MANAGER’S RECOMMENDED ACTION. The City utilizes the services of a property insurance broker to provide access to the property insurance market and to provide assistance in managing the property insurance portfolio. Without these services, a great deal of the administration of the City's property insurance program would revert to City staff. Xxxxxx has provided excellent service in brokering the City's property insurance policies.
CITY MANAGER’S RECOMMENDED ACTION. The sale of Lots 2-7 in the Xxxxx Subdivision to Habitat for Humanity of Central Iowa will assist the City in its efforts to continue to address the housing needs of low-and moderate- income first-time home buyers and will help jump-start the construction of homes in the subdivision and potential for future sales to HHCI. Each of the homes will conform to the established covenants for Xxxxx Subdivision. It is therefore the recommendation of the City Manager that the City Council adopt Alternative #1, as described above. Location Map- Attachment A DO NOT WRITE IN THE SPACE ABOVE THIS LINE; RESERVED FOR RECORDER Prepared by: Xxxx X. Xxxxxxx, City of Xxxx Legal Department, 000 Xxxxx Xxx., Ames, IA 50010; 000-000-0000 Return to: Xxxxx Xxxx, Ames City Clerk, Ames City Hall, 000 Xxxxx Xxx., Ames, IA 50010; 000-000-0000 AGREEMENT BETWEEN THE CITY OF XXXX AND HABITAT FOR HUMANITY OF CENTRAL IOWA, INC., FOR NEW CONSTRUCTION UPON PROPERTY AT 000 X. XXXXXXX, AMES, IOWA THIS AGREEMENT is made and entered into between the City of Ames, Iowa, an Iowa municipal corporation (“City”) and Habitat for Humanity of Central Iowa, Inc. (“Habitat”), an Iowa corporation.
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