Burning Sample Clauses

Burning. The use of burning at the project site for the disposal of refuse and debris will not be permitted.
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Burning. Burning shall be prohibited on the Owner's premises.
Burning. Burning a token is the technical process of deleting it from the Token Register or making it otherwise permanently and provably inaccessible. The ability to burn tokens is part of the ERC- 20 standard. However, Token Holders are advised to consult with the Issuer before burning any tokens and to agree with the Issuer on the purpose and consequences of the burning. For example, burning a Share Token can make sense when the Token Holder and the Issuer agreed to convert them into a different legal form.
Burning. The burning of any, garbage, refuse and rubbish, carcasses of dead animals, or other offensive or unwholesome matter is hereby prohibited. (Code cross reference 10- 25) (Code 1976, 6-1-11)
Burning.  Any cut material that is to be burned on site, will be done on raised metal hearths over metal fire frames to prevent damage to the bog surface. The fire sites will be on equal to or less than 3 x 3 metre corrugated metal hearths and fires must not be allowed to spread from these hearths. These will be situated within easy dragging distance of cut material. All corrugated metal sheets for hearth construction are to be provided by the Contractor and removed at the end of the contract.  At each fire site a water sump will be dug to provide water for damping down of the fire. There is a hazard of fire on this site, so each fire must be left in a safe condition at the end of each work day. Burning will not be permitted in winds at or above Force 4.
Burning. All prescribed burning on the Premises shall be done by personnel or agents of the BUYER. SELLER shall not knowingly or deliberately set or cause to be set any fire or fires on the Premises.
Burning. Developer agrees, covenants and promises to comply with the Burning Ordinance of Township and will apply for a permit in accordance with the terms thereof and will also be in conformity with the rules and regulations of the Department of Environmental Resources, Bureau of Air Quality. Permit fees for burning operations will be the responsibility of Developer in accordance with the amounts established by the Township Fee Resolution as amended from time to time by Township.
Burning. No burning of cropland residues, fence row, native grass or improved pastures shall occur without prior written consent from CLO.
Burning. No burning shall be permitted and Contractor shall use all reasonable means and act in a manner consistent with Prudent Solid Waste Practices to prevent burning of any kind at the Transfer Stations.
Burning. The burning of structures, building materials, trash, or other demolition debris shall not be permitted in the City of Millville.