Building Manager Sample Clauses

Building Manager. III (Resident)‌ Shall be required to perform the duties of a Building Manager I, including Minor Maintenance as detailed in "Appendix B" (Part I).
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Building Manager. (1) The Lessor may designate any third party who is a specialized caretaker company as a building manager for the purpose of properly managing the premises.
Building Manager. II (Resident)‌ Same as Building Manager I. In addition, shall be responsible for directing staff assigned to them in the completion of their duties; including assigning work, stock control, ensuring standards and deadlines are met, and completing paper work as required. Functions as lead or chargehand without supervisory responsibilities or functions as a stand-alone position and performs all of the duties of the Building Manager III for site(s) where work is performed, without the requirement to participate in recruitment and selection, recommending discipline and the supervision of staff. Reports directly to the Property Portfolio Manager.
Building Manager. J&S Development and Management Corporation or such other person as Landlord may designate.
Building Manager. The facilities management employee (contract or Kodak) responsible for interfacing with the Tenant for day-to-day building and site maintenance & service issues. Xxxxxxx Kodak Company Rochester Site Requirements for Tenants November, 2013
Building Manager. The Building Manager is authorized to act for, and in the name of, Landlord for any and all purposes under this Lease except the execution of leases and amendments, renewals, extensions and modifications thereof, and Tenant shall direct any and all notices and inquiries regarding this Lease to the Building Manager. The Landlord reserves the right to substitute any other person, firm or corporation for the Building Manager, upon written notice thereof by Landlord to Tenant.
Building Manager. Xxxxx Realty Corporation, 0000 XXX Xxxxxxx, Xxxxx-000, Xxxxxx; Xxxxx, 00000, or such other person as landlord may designate.
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Building Manager. The term “Building Manager” shall mean the individual designated by Property Manager to act as its representative and manager of the Building. The Building Manager shall maintain an office at the Property. Any change of the Building Manager, Assistant Building Manager, Administrative Assistant, or Property Accountant must be approved in writing by Owner. P r o p e r t y M a n a g e r must give Owner at least thirty days written notice of any such change.
Building Manager. The Building will be managed by the Commission’s building manager (“Building Manager”). The Building Manager shall maintain an office located on the third floor of the Building or such location as designated by the Commission during Normal Business Hours. On or before the Lease Commencement Date, the Commission shall provide to the County with the Building Manager’s contact information to enable the County to contact the Building Manager in the event of an emergency or outside of Normal Business Hours. The Commission reserves the right to change both the Building Manager and the means of contacting the Building Manager after providing the County with at least sixty (60) days prior written notice.
Building Manager. The term
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