Assigning Work Sample Clauses

Assigning Work. The Company agrees that it will not transfer or assign any work or functions covered by this Agreement to any other person, except it is agreed that the Company shall not be required to alter existing methods or practices where certain personnel occasionally perform some duties performed by employees in the bargaining unit. It is agreed that the provisions of this section shall not be used to avoid filling a vacancy or recalling an employee on layoff, or to cause a layoff of an employee in the bargaining unit, or to avoid the payment of overtime or penalties as stipulated in this Agreement.
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Assigning Work. It is the intent of the parties that the principle of eight (8) hours work for-eight (8) hours pay shall be applied. In order to carry out this intent the Authority may assign employees, who would otherwise not be performing work but would be entitled to pay by reason of other provisions of the contract (for example, guarantee and intervening time provisions), to work of a kind similar to their regular and usual duty. It is understood, however, that layover time, or other similar allowed or penalty time shall be considered as part of the working time of the employee, and the employee shall not be subject to assign- ment to other duty during such periods.
Assigning Work. It is the intent of the parties that the principle of eight

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  • WORK PRODUCT/PRE-EXISTING WORK PRODUCT OF CONTRACTOR Any and all work product resulting from this Contract is commissioned by the County of Marin as a work for hire. The County of Marin shall be considered, for all purposes, the author of the work product and shall have all rights of authorship to the work, including, but not limited to, the exclusive right to use, publish, reproduce, copy and make derivative use of, the work product or otherwise grant others limited rights to use the work product. To the extent Contractor incorporates into the work product any pre-existing work product owned by Contractor, Contractor hereby acknowledges and agrees that ownership of such work product shall be transferred to the County of Marin.

  • CONTRACTING WORK 13.01 The Company will not contract out work if such contracting out will cause, currently and directly, layoffs from employment with the Company or part-timing of present employees.

  • Additional Work If changes in the work seem merited by Consultant or the City, and informal consultations with the other party indicate that a change is warranted, it shall be processed in the following manner: a letter outlining the changes shall be forwarded to the City by Consultant with a statement of estimated changes in fee or time schedule. An amendment to this Agreement shall be prepared by the City and executed by both Parties before performance of such services, or the City will not be required to pay for the changes in the scope of work. Such amendment shall not render ineffective or invalidate unaffected portions of this Agreement.

  • CONTRACTOR’S PRE-EXISTING WORKS A. To the extent that Contractor incorporates into the Work Product any works of Contractor that were created by Contractor or that Contractor acquired rights in prior to the Effective Date of this Contract (“Incorporated Pre-existing Works”), Contractor retains ownership of such Incorporated Pre-existing Works.

  • Length of Work Year 1. The length of the work year for custodians, accountants, (excluding school lunch accountant), personnel specialist, maintenance, maintenance helpers, mechanics, purchasing coordinator, county receptionist, warehouse and property records coordinator shall be twelve months.

  • ASSIGNMENTS AND SUBCONTRACTING Motorola may assign its rights or subcontract its obligations under this Agreement, or encumber or sell its rights in any Software, without prior notice to or consent of Licensee.

  • SUB-CONTRACTOR Section 1. The Employer shall not contract any work covered by this Agreement to be done at the site of construction, alterations, repairs or any new construction to any person, firm or company that does not have an existing labor agreement with the Union covering such work within the scope of this Agreement.

  • CONTRACTUAL WORK The right of contracting or sub-contracting is vested in the Board. The right to contract or sub-contract shall not be used for the purpose of undermining the Union or to discriminate against any of its members, nor shall use of contracting or sub-contracting result in the reduction of the present work force as is now in effect, or in the event of the extension of service shall contracting or sub-contracting be used to avoid the performance of work covered under this Agreement.

  • Project Work PURCHASER shall complete the following projects in accordance with the specifications provided in Exhibits B, C, D, E, and F and written instructions from STATE. Project locations are shown on Exhibit A unless otherwise described. PURCHASER shall furnish all material unless otherwise specified.

  • Assignment and Subcontracting City and Consultant recognize and agree that this Agreement contemplates personal performance by Consultant and is based upon a determination of Consultant’s unique personal competence, experience, and specialized personal knowledge. Moreover, a substantial inducement to City for entering into this Agreement was and is the professional reputation and competence of Consultant. Consultant may not assign this Agreement or any interest therein without the prior written approval of the City. Consultant shall not subcontract any portion of the performance contemplated and provided for herein, other than to the subcontractors listed in the Consultant’s proposal, without prior written approval of the City.

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