Primary Function Sample Clauses

Primary Function. (a) The primary function of the troubleshooter shall be to address concerns of bargaining unit employees who seek a determination of their employment status (an employee of regular status or an employee of auxiliary status) pursuant to the terms of this Collective Agreement.
Primary Function. The primary function of the Program Manager is to provide strategic guidance and direction to the Project Team and to manage the Project on behalf of the Owner. Program Manager agrees that the services provided by the Program Manager are intended to coordinate and complement the activities of the Project Team, but not to diminish, alter or substitute for any of the services, authority, obligations or responsibilities being provided by the Design Professional and CM/GC under their respective contracts. Nothing herein shall be deemed to impose upon the Program Manager any responsibilities to provide any services constituting the practice of architecture, engineering, or any related design profession, or to provide any services constituting construction or means and methods of construction. The Program Manager should seek to exercise its authority through sound principles of leadership and persuasion to achieve effective coordination of the design and construction of the Project. The Program Manager should use its authority to direct the activities of the Design Professional and CM/GC within the requirements of their respective contracts; or in unusual or ambiguous situations, after consultation with the Owner and under the specific direction of the Owner.
Primary Function. Performs general and emergency maintenance and repair duties for Commission's properties.
Primary Function. Operate data entry terminal equipment. Receive computer output for distribution, monitoring it for completeness, accuracy and quality. Working Procedure: Operate data entry equipment to input data for computer processing. Maintain and register, file input and output control information where applicable. Check output reports to input control totals where applicable. May decollate and/or distribute output reports where applicable. Perform other related duties as required.