Assistance definition

Assistance means cash and any other benefits provided pursuant to this chapter.
Assistance means funds, volunteers or volunteer training, which is paid for from funds appropriated for the pur- pose of supporting activities under the Act, and includes locally provided funds required by law, regulation or policy as a local contribution to activi- ties authorized by the Act.
Assistance means aid to a tenant who self-directs or participates in a task or activity or who retains the mental or physical ability, or both, to participate in a task or activity. Cueing of the tenant regarding a particular task or activity shall be construed to mean the tenant has participated in the task or activity. “Blueprint” means copies of all completed drawings, schedules, and specifications that have been certified, sealed, and signed by an Iowa-licensed architect or Iowa-licensed engineer of record. The

Examples of Assistance in a sentence

  • The Fund Designated Persons may contact State Street’s HORIZONR Help Desk and Fund Assistance Center between the hours of 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. (Eastern time) on all business days for the purpose of obtaining answers to questions about the use of the System, or to report apparent problems with the System.

  • Assistance regarding information on the location of, or potential for, the presence of historic properties can be sought from the State Historic Preservation Officer, Tribal Historic Preservation Officer, or designated tribal representative, as appropriate, and the National Register of Historic Places (see 33 CFR 330.4(g)).

  • If known, enter the full Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance (CFDA) number for grants, cooperative agreements, loans, and loan commitments.

  • The owner has entered into a Housing Assistance Payments Contract (HAP contract) with the PHA under the voucher program.

  • EU-ICBE Project: Technical Assistance to the Education Reform in Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2008.

More Definitions of Assistance

Assistance means cash assistance under the state pro- gram funded under Title IV-A of the federal Social Security Act.
Assistance means the CDBG grant funds provided, or to be provided, to the Grantee by the State, pursuant to the Grant Award Agreement.
Assistance means installation, conversion planning, conversion, consulting assistance, workshops, training or education classes performed by RMSS, or other functions mutually agreed to be "Assistance" by Licensee and RMSS.
Assistance means a family investment program payment.
Assistance means the services provided by Specialty Emergency Services and referred to in clause 3 below.
Assistance means the quota provided by DFO to successful new entrants in the New Entrant Quota Assistance Plan.