Assistance definition

Assistance means cash assistance under the state pro- gram funded under Title IV-A of the federal Social Security Act.
Assistance means any form of assistance, including advice, training, technical assistance, financing and financial assistance, investment services, brokering services or other services, including the provision of armed mercenary personnel, and the transfer of financial resources and services;
Assistance means cash and any other benefits provided pursuant to this chapter.

Examples of Assistance in a sentence

Assistance by hand pull, chains or calving jack was given if the calf was not delivered within 90 min of rupture of fetal membranes or if there was no progress after 60 min of severe straining.

State of Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare, Office of Medical Assistance Programs (04/01/2004).

If USAID is the cognizant agency or no cognizant agency has been designated, the recipient must submit four copies of the audit report, along with the proposed final indirect cost rates and supporting cost data, to the Overhead, Special Costs, and Closeout Branch, Office of Acquisition and Assistance, USAID, Washington, DC 20523-7802.

Assistance will be available through the Contact Centre should help be required when completing the forms.

The Hague: Tuberculosis Coalition for Technical Assistance, 2014.

More Definitions of Assistance

Assistance means installation, conversion planning, conversion, consulting assistance, workshops, training or education classes performed by RMSS, or other functions mutually agreed to be "Assistance" by Licensee and RMSS.
Assistance. ’ means the transfer of any- thing of value for a public purpose of support or stimulation that is—
Assistance means any form of assistance including technical assistance, services, financing and financial assistance;
Assistance means aid to a tenant who self-directs or participates in a task or activity or who retains the mental or physical ability, or both, to participate in a task or activity. Cueing of the tenant regarding a particular task or activity shall be construed to mean the tenant has participated in the task or activity. “Blueprint” means copies of all completed drawings, schedules, and specifications that have been certified, sealed, and signed by an Iowa-licensed architect or Iowa-licensed engineer of record. The
Assistance means the CDBG grant funds provided, or to be provided, to the Grantee by the State, pursuant to the Grant Award Agreement.
Assistance means a family investment program payment.