Definition of Technical assistance

Technical assistance means financial assistance provided for a feasibility study or master plan, to identify and / or correct system deficiencies, to help a water system overcome other technical problems. The system receiving said technical assistance may or may not be required to repay the funds received. If repayment is required, the Board will establish the terms of repayment.
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Technical assistance means assistance provided pursuant to 1 section 41-2256. 2
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Technical assistance means technical expertise, in-19
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Examples of Technical assistance in a sentence

Technical assistance will be provided by the State Director's staff.
Technical assistance or service is any function unreimbursed by FmHA or its successor agency under Public Law 103-354 performed by the intermediary for the benefit of the ultimate recipient.
The term does not include: Technical assistance, which provides services instead of money; other assistance in the form of loans, loan guarantees, interest subsidies, or insurance; direct payments of any kind to individuals; and, contracts which are required to be entered into and administered under procurement laws and regulations.
SeeCFR 1700.1. Technical assistance means market research, product or service improvement, feasibility studies, environmental studies, and similar activities that benefit rural development or rural job creation projects.
Technical assistance means: (1) Assistance in learning to manage, operate, or use equipment or systems; and (2) Studies, analyses, designs, reports, manuals, guides, literature, or other forms of creating, acquiring, or disseminating information.