Clerical Sample Clauses

Clerical. Hours of work for regular full-time employees and full-time term employees shall be thirty-five (35) hours per week, seven (7) hours per day. Lunch hours shall consist of one-half (1/2) hour per day, Monday to Friday inclusive, unless other arrangements mutually acceptable to the employee and the immediate supervisor have been made.
Clerical. Relief employees shall receive vacation pay based on 1,820 hours equal to one year service. Relief employees shall be paid in accordance with Article 26.03 above.
Clerical. General office work, typing, and filing. General secretarial duties General office work, typing, and filing Document/report reproduction Operates computer for word processing, spreadsheets, and statistical typing, correspondence report generation, etc. * past five (5) years (i.e., November 2011 through November 2016) Attachment B-2 Wetland Delineation Report Format
Clerical. The regular workday shall consist of a scheduled period of seven (7) hours of work between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., plus a one-half hour (½) or one (1) hour unpaid interval for a meal.
Clerical. An employee who, for a period of one (1) working day or longer, is assigned to or substitutes on any job during the absence of another employee, or who performs the duties of a higher classification, shall receive, from the beginning, the rate as if promoted to the job or the employee's rate, whichever is the greater.
Clerical. 1. The work week for all full-time clerical employees shall be thirty-five (35) hours, divided into five (5) seven (7) hour days. Part-time clerical employees shall work in accordance with schedules established by the Employer. During the summer recess, clerical employees shall work six (6) hours on Fridays. For the purpose of this section, summer recess shall commence the day following the last day of school when students are present. Job descriptions are available for the 10 month, 10+month, and 12 month clerical positions.
Clerical. 1. For purposes of overtime, the normal work day shall be eight (8) hours and the normal work week shall be forty (40) hours.
Clerical. 1. Seniority shall be considered as one factor in determining voluntary transfers provided, however, transfer applications shall not be considered unless:
Clerical. The appropriate staff will be assigned to SCCSET to assist members to achieve their mission. The number and placement of such staff will be determined by the Task Force Commander in consideration of the needs of SCCSET.