Accounting Statements Sample Clauses

Accounting Statements. Purchaser shall provide Client with information on the Accounts and a monthly reconciliation of the purchasing relationship relating to billing, collection, Reserve and Advances. All of the foregoing shall be in a format and in such detail, as Purchaser, in its sole discretion, deems appropriate. Purchaser’s books and records shall be admissible in evidence without objection as prima facie evidence of the status of the Accounts and Reserve between Purchaser and Client. Each statement, report, or accounting rendered or issued by Purchaser to Client shall be deemed conclusively accurate and binding on Client unless within thirty (30) days after the date of issuance Client notifies Purchaser to the contrary in writing, setting forth with specificity the reasons why Client believes such statement, report, or accounting is inaccurate, as well as what Client believes to be correct amount(s)
Accounting Statements. Agent shall maintain accurate records of monies received and render to Owner a monthly and year end electronic statement of receipts and disbursements, remitting any balance shown due Owner. As required by law, at the end of each calendar year, the Owner will receive a 1099 I.R.S. tax form on all rental income received by the Agent. If Owner chooses a hard copy of financial statements to be delivered by mail, an additional $5.00 per month will be charged. Email Address: Email Address Mail to: N/A
Accounting Statements. Licensee shall provide Licensor with a statement of royalties due Licensor under this Agreement quarterly (as that term is defined in Paragraph 3.3) on or before the Due Date, setting forth the amount due to Licensor for the period and, in reasonable detail, the factual basis for calculating the amount.
Accounting Statements. If any well is completed as a producer of oil and/or gas in paying quantities, Operator shall furnish within ninety (90) days after the date of completion, to Xxxxxx and or Silver Star, an itemized statement of the cost of drilling, testing, completing and equipping the well, together with an inventory of the material and equipment therein, thereon and used in connection therewith and Operator shall thereafter furnish Xxxxxx and or Silver Star with a monthly itemized statement of the cost of operations and the quantities and qualities of oil, gas or other minerals which are produced from said well, together with the amount of proceeds from the sale of such production in the preceding month. Such reports, together with a complete well record shall be furnished to Xxxxxx and or Silver Star pursuant to the provisions of the XXXXX section Exhibit “C” of the Joint Operating Agreement.
Accounting Statements. In connection with each royalty payment hereunder, Licensee shall provide Licensor with an electronic statement ("Statement") which shall set forth aggregate User consumption history of the Licensed Content in sufficient detail to determine Music Royalties and Video Royalties Payable hereunder. Each statement shall also include detail on the Licensed Content distributed to Users via the Service as (i) Limited Music Downloads, (ii) Limited Video Downloads, (iii) Music Streams and (iv) Video Streams. Each statement shall identify the number of Limited Music Downloads, limited Video Downloads, Music Stream, and Video Streams associated with
Accounting Statements. Manager shall maintain books of account of all receipts and disbursements incurred in management of the Properties, which records shall be open to inspection by Owner at all reasonable times. Manager shall render monthly statements to Owner, showing all receipts and disbursements.
Accounting Statements. (a) Servicer shall keep a complete and accurate account of, and apply in accordance with the terms of the loans being serviced, all sums collected by Servicer from the Trust or its designated managing agent on account of each loan as allocated for principal, interest, tax and insurance escrow deposits and other payments or deposits.
Accounting Statements. Transporter shall render to Shipper, on or before the fifteenth (15th) Day of each Month i) a statement setting forth, with respect to all Gas received by Transporter during the preceding Month at the Receipt Point(s), the total quantity and the Gross Heating Value of said Gas, ii) a statement setting forth, with respect to all Gas redelivered to Shipper during the preceding Month at the Delivery Point(s), the total quantity and the Gross Heating Value of said Gas, iii) the transportation charge therefor Transporter may initially bill xx estimates if all actual information is not available at the time the statement is to be sent. On or before the last Day of such Month, the Shipper shall make payment by wire transfer, in accordance with wire transfer instructions on the invoice, to Transporter for all Gas received by Transporter for Shipper at the Receipt Point(s) during the preceding Month ("PAYMENT DUE DATE").
Accounting Statements. The Seller will cooperate with the Purchaser and its independent public accountants in making available all information and taking all steps, in each case reasonably necessary to permit such accountants to deliver the letters required of them, if any, under the Indenture.
Accounting Statements. Each Accounting Statement, which shall be in conformance with the requirements of Venture and Owner, must be submitted whether or not any Royalty Payments are due during the Accounting Period. Accounting Statements and accompanying Royalty Payments; if any, Venture Minimum Payments and Owner Minimum Payments shall be delivered to Venture and Owner c/o Mxxx Xxxxxxxx & Associates, 30 Xxxx Xxxxx Xxxx, Xxxxx 000, Xxxxxxx, XX 00000, Attn: Mxxx Xxxxxxxx, via hand delivery or nationally recognized overnight courier service that obtains acknowledgment of receipt by the addressee.