Timeline definition

Timeline means the list of critical dates and actions included in the Introductory Materials.
Timeline means the timeline for Milestones and other events, as set out in Item 3 of Schedule Two.
Timeline means the non‑binding estimated timeline for the performance of the Services as set out in the Work Statement.

Examples of Timeline in a sentence

Timeline: This includes a timeline for evaluation-related milestones, including those related to procurement of an outside contractor, if applicable, and deliverables.

Timeline of Initiatives for GHG Inventory The capacity building activities include training- workshops on domestic MRV architecture, development of baselines, climate relevant data management, Asia peer-to-peer exchange on GHG and non-GHG indicators and Biennial Update Report (BUR).

Points allocated for qualified local contractors is explained in Section V, Evaluation Scoring and Timeline.

Edwards, Esq.June 30, 2015Page 2 As you know, the Court has set a February 1, 2016 trial date in this matter and, according to the current CMO Timeline, expert depositions are scheduled to begin on September 1, 2015, approximately two months from now.

Responsibility: Carroll Area Development Corporation Education Taskforce and Staff Timeline: February 2017Actions:a.

More Definitions of Timeline

Timeline means the detailed schedule describing the Project build out, submitted with the RUS approved Application, as may be amended from time to time with prior written RUS consent.
Timeline means the list of critical dates and actions included in the Introductory Materials. (See Section B).
Timeline means, in regards to a FSP result or strategy referral provided by the FSP holder to a First Nation or stakeholder, the length of time specified in the referral that provides a reasonable opportunity for review and response. A referral response must be received by the FSP holder within the timeline specified in the referral in order to be considered as part of the result or strategy. The timeline will be:
Timeline has the meaning set forth in Section 2.1.
Timeline means the timeline as set out in the Proposal.
Timeline means the timeline for the Master Project as generally described on Exhibit H, attached hereto and incorporated herein by this reference.
Timeline means the overall development timeline included within the Technical Plan.