Bidding Document definition

Bidding Document means set of documents prepared by PSDF which consists of “Instructions to Training Providers”, TORs and forms for providing information about profile of the organization and Technical & Financial Proposals.
Bidding Document means the document issued to the Pre-qualified Bidder for submission of their Bid.
Bidding Document means the Bidding Document prepared by the Ministry for the selection of a Vendor or Contractor.

Examples of Bidding Document in a sentence

  • Sections of Bidding Document 6.1 The Bidding document consists of Parts 1, 2, 3, and 4, which include all sections, schedules, annexes.

  • This invitation is open to all bidders from eligible source countries as described in the Bidding Document.

  • All other agencies of the State of Iowa and all political subdivisions of the State of Iowa may make purchases pursuant to the Contract as permitted by the Competitive Bidding Document.

More Definitions of Bidding Document

Bidding Document means the set of documents which includes this Pre- Qualification Document (PQD) and the subsequent Request for Proposals (RFP) to be issued to shortlisted Bidders.
Bidding Document means the document prepared by PSDF for submission of Technical and Financial bids by Training Service Provider.
Bidding Document means set of documents prepared by PSDF which consists of Instructions to Bidders, Bid Data Sheet, Schedule of Requirements, Technical Specification, Evaluation Criteria and forms for providing information for submission of Technical & Financial bids.
Bidding Document means this document including all the appendices hereto, for the purposes of setting out the process for submission of a bid and selection of Successful Bidder in accordance with the provisions of the IB Code and shall include all supplements, modifications, amendments, alterations or clarifications thereto issued in accordance with the terms hereof;
Bidding Document means this document, including any Addenda that may be made by the Employer.
Bidding Document means a document provided by a procuring entity to bidders and indicating the form in which they are to submit their bids and the information they are to provide in their bids;
Bidding Document means a document issued by the procuring entity, including any amendment thereto, that sets out the terms and conditions of the given procurement and includes the invitation to bid;