Class specification definition

Class specification means a formal written statement of the class which defines the general character and scope of the duties and responsibilities of positions in the class, lists typical or illustrative examples of work, of positions in the class, enumerates the knowledge, skills, abilities and personal characteristics required for successful performance of the work and statesrequired minimum experience and training for positions in the class.
Class specification is a written statement of duties and responsibilities that are characteristics of a class of positions and includes the education, experience, knowledge and ability required to perform the work of the class of positions. Examples of these duties will be specifically enumerated.

Examples of Class specification in a sentence

NIBIN Technicians may be assigned to the Forensic Laboratory operating in an Investigative Aide Class Specification, or in a TDY or permanent function in a different Class Specification.

The Forensic Laboratory Director’s duties are defined in the Class Specification for Director of Laboratory Services.

Class Specification: The official description of a class of position which describes the nature of work, provides examples of work performed, and knowledges, skills, and abilities, and states the generally accepted minimum qualifications required for employment.

Entry into the Laboratory evidence vaults is limited to LVMPD Executive Staff and those Forensic Laboratory members requiring access as determined by Detail/Unit of assignment and Class Specification (e.g., Forensic Laboratory members assigned to the Chemistry Detail have access to the Chemistry vault, but not the Latent Print Detail vault).

Within ninety (90) days of transfer or reassignment (voluntary or involuntary), the Unit member shall be issued a duty statement in accordance with the provision of Article 7, Class Specification and Duty Statement, of this Agreement.

More Definitions of Class specification

Class specification means a written description of a class setting forth factors and conditions which are essential characteristics of positions in that class.
Class specification means a written job description of a classification.
Class specification. The document comprising the title, title code, effective date, distinguishing features of work, illustrative examples of work and desirable requirements.
Class specification means a written description of a class, consisting of a title, a definition, examples of duties and the minimum qualifications that are required. (NAC 284.036)
Class specification means the written description of a class containing the official title, a statement of the duties, authority, and responsibilities of the class, the qualifications that are necessary or desirable for the satisfactory performance of the duties of the class, and the length of the period of probation.
Class specification. Means an official written description of a classification, including title, statement of the general nature of the work, examples of duties and responsibilities, and qualification requirements that are necessary or desirable for the satisfactory performance of the duties of that classification. Particular phrases or examples contained therein are not to be treated as the full description of the classification.
Class specification means the description of a class or class series that is approved by the Board.