Private Practice definition

Private Practice means those services provided, in or using the hospital's facilities, and for which fees are charged by or on behalf of the practitioner.
Private Practice means the practice of a health practitioner who practises for his or her own account, either in solus practice, or as a partner in a partnership, or as an associate in an association with other practitioners, or as a director of a company established in terms of section 54A of the Act;

Examples of Private Practice in a sentence

  • Private practice happens because it is implicitly permitted, government salaries are inadequate and there are no incentives for proper working behavior.

  • Private Practice during Office Hours in Front of You! One of the district managers said, Private practice during office hour is happening at upazila level.

More Definitions of Private Practice

Private Practice as used in these rules, means a sole proprietorship, an individual or individuals using shared office space, or other business entity, required to be licensed under chapter 397, F.S.
Private Practice means an attorney or lawyer who is continually licensed to practice law and does so independently not as an employee of a state or local government.
Private Practice means the practice of a legal practitioner who places legal services at the disposal of the public for reward and is actively engaged in the profession either as an attorney or as an advocate, or the practice of a legal practitioner as contemplated in sections 34(5)(c), (d) or (e) or section 34(6)(b),(c) or (d), and "practise" has a corresponding meaning; and for purposes of this definition -
Private Practice means the performance of work by any person for another person otherwise than under a contract of master and servant;
Private Practice means a practice (whether sole, partnership or group) which receives its entire income from the fees charged to its patients without subsidy or funding from any public sector body.
Private Practice means engaging in work at a facility at which the compensation