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Similarly. HDO Branded Products and HDO Unbranded Products are sometimes referred to herein together as "HDO Products".
Similarly associated environments” means the wetlands and bodies of water described in section 46.0.1 of the Environment Quality Act (chapter Q-2).”
Similarly the Lessee shall pay the linkage adjustments for each payment within 3 days from the payment date if the bank did not do this per the Authorization Form.

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Similarly, the Bidder may obtain insurance services from any eligible source country.

Similarly Bidder(s)/Contractor(s) of Indian Nationality shall disclose names and addresses of foreign agents/representatives, if any.

Similarly, the Supplier may be requested to provide drawings or samples either with its Bid or for prior review by the Procuring Entity during contract execution.

Similarly, within unrestricted fund balance, committed amounts are reduced first followed by assigned, and then unassigned amounts when expenditures are incurred for purposes for which amounts in any of the unrestricted fund balance classifications could be used.

Similarly, Transnet requires Respondents to process any personal information disclosed by Transnet in the bidding process in the same manner.

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Similarly is a word that means “in the same way”.
Similarly the Phase 1 Plans and the Phase 2 Plans are sometimes collectively referred to herein as the "Plans" and the Phase 1 Tenant Improvements and the Phase 2 Tenant Improvements are sometimes collectively referred to herein as the "Tenant Improvements."
Similarly the deductibility of a contribution to a Traditional IRA for your spouse depends upon whether your spouse is an active participant in any employer-sponsored retirement plan. If your spouse is not an active participant, the contribution to your spouse's Traditional IRA will be deductible. If your spouse is an active participant, the Traditional IRA contribution will be completely, partly or not deductible depending upon your combined income. An exception to the preceding rules applies to high-income married taxpayers, where one spouse is an active participant in an employer-sponsored retirement plan and the other spouse is not. A contribution to the non-active participant spouse's Traditional IRA will be only partly deductible starting at an adjusted gross income level on the joint tax return of $150,000, and the deductibility will be phased out as described below over the next $10,000 so that there will be no deduction at all with an adjusted gross income level of $160,000 or higher. HOW DO I DETERMINE MY OR MY SPOUSE'S "ACTIVE PARTICIPANT" STATUS? Your (or your spouse's) Form W-2 should indicate if you (or your spouse) were an active participant in an employer-sponsored retirement plan for a year. If you have a question, you should ask your employer or the plan administrator. In addition, regardless of income level, your spouse's "active participant" status will not affect the deductibility of your contributions to your Traditional IRA if you and your spouse file separate tax returns for the taxable year and you lived apart at all times during the taxable year. WHAT ARE THE DEDUCTION RESTRICTIONS FOR ACTIVE PARTICIPANTS? If you (or your spouse) are an active participant in an employer plan during a year, the contribution to your Traditional IRA (or your spouse's Traditional IRA) may be completely, partly or not deductible depending upon your filing status and your amount of adjusted gross income ("AGI"). If AGI is any amount up to the lower limit, the contribution is deductible. If your AGI falls between the lower limit and the upper limit, the contribution is partly deductible. If your AGI falls above the upper limit, the contribution is not deductible. ---------------------------------------- FOR ACTIVE PARTICIPANTS -- 2000 ADJUSTED GROSS INCOME (AGI) LEVEL ------------------------------------------------- IF YOU ARE IF YOU ARE THEN YOUR SINGLE MARRIED TRADITIONAL FILING JOINTLY IRA CONTRIBUTION IS ------------------------------------------------- Up to...
Similarly any securities or other property as to which such other option or warrant is exercisable shall be included in the term "Option Shares." In the event of any such corporate change, the Purchase Price set forth in Section 1(c) shall be appropriately adjusted by the Board of Directors such that the aggregate price for all such Option Shares is not changed.
Similarly the current stockholders of AveXis will not bear the risk of any decrease in the value of AveXis after selling their Shares in the Offer or the Merger.
Similarly means that the use of ground water at the new point of diversion affects the surface water source specified in the permit or certificated or decreed water right and would result in stream depletion of at least 50 percent of the rate of appropriation within 10 days of continuous pumping. [1995 c.274 §4; 1999 c.555
Similarly subject to these same exceptions, the parties to the 1993 Stockholders' Agreement (as defined below) would have the right to purchase a pro rata amount of Common Stock if the Company were to --- ---- offer any party to the 1993 Stockholders' Agreement the right to purchase additional shares of Common Stock. In addition, in the event the Company sells or otherwise issues any shares of Common Stock to GKH, the non-GKH parties to the Gale Force Stockholders' Agreement (as defined below) will have the right to acquire their respective pro rata amount of Common Stock on the same terms and --- ---- conditions as such Common Stock is sold or otherwise issued to GKH. See "Principal Stockholders -Stockholders' Agreements - 1993 Stockholders' Agreement;" and " -- Gale Force Stockholders' Agreement." No Public Market for Common Stock; Restriction on Transferability Each subscribing offeree will be required to represent that he is purchasing the Shares for investment purposes for his own account but not with a view to resale or distribution. There is no public market for the Shares, and an Investor's ability to transfer his Common Stock will be significantly restricted by the terms of the Stockholders' Agreement. In addition, the Stockholders' Agreement (i) gives GKH the right to cause all Investors to sell their Common Stock in certain transactions and (ii) gives the Company or certain of its affiliates the right, but not the obligation, to purchase all of the Common Stock of an Investor upon the termination of such Investor's employment with the Company. The purchase price for such stock varies depending on the circumstances and, in cases where an Investor is terminated for Cause or voluntarily terminates his employment without Good Reason, such purchase price may be substantially below the fair market value of such Common Stock. See "The Offering - Stockholders' Agreement." Any potential Investor must be able and willing to bear the risk of his investment for an indefinite period.