Potential Investor definition

Potential Investor shall have the meaning set forth in Section 4(c)(ii).
Potential Investor means any person (whether an individual, company, or other business or organisation) with whom, within the Relevant Period, the Company or any Group Company is in negotiations for such person to invest in the Company, or any Group Company, or any Interested Operator, or any target company. It shall not include any such person, who, without direct or indirect solicitation on your part, has notified the Company, relevant Group Company, Interested Operator or target company, that it does not wish to make the said investment;
Potential Investor means any Person set forth on Schedule 10.01(e), so long as such Person does not own any Purchaser Common Stock at the time discussions with respect to a Permitted Transfer begin in accordance with the terms hereof.

Examples of Potential Investor in a sentence

  • As long as his registration on the Site lasts and for a period of one year after the end of his registration, each Potential Investor or Investor is forbidden to compete directly or indirectly and in any way, with BeeBonds by organizing or developing a platform similar or identical to the Site oriented towards the Project Developers referenced on the Site.

  • By accepting these GCU, the Potential Investor declares that he/she is duly aware of the risks inherent in any participation in an Offer.

  • In the event that the Potential Investor becomes aware that another Potential Investor or a Third Party has access to the Potential Investor's Profile, the Potential Investor will immediately inform BeeBonds.

  • The Potential Investor undertakes not to usurp the identity of another Potential Investor or a Third Party and not to register as a Potential Investor using false data, whether such data is purely imaginary or belongs to or refers to another Potential Investor or a Third Party.

  • The Potential Investor undertakes not to use at any time the Identification Information of another Potential Investor of which he may become aware.

  • The User will be informed of any change, modification, update, addition or withdrawal of all or part of the GCU, by sending an e-mail to the e-mail address referenced by the Potential Investor on his/her Profile and by posting a related message on the Site.

  • The Potential Investor is solely responsible for the use of such Identification Information by any other Potential Investor or Third Party and for any actions or statements made through his Profile as a Potential Investor whether fraudulent or not.

  • The Potential Investor indemnifies BeeBonds against all claims and actions in this respect.

  • At the time of registration on the Platform, and prior to the provision of the Services, BeeBonds collects Data relating to the knowledge and experience of (Potential) Investors being classified as Uninformed Investors in relation to investment and participatory finance as well as investment instruments, through a questionnaire to be completed by the (Potential) Investor.

  • In the event of dissemination or use by the Potential Investor of one or more of its Identification Information in a manner contrary to its intended purpose(s), BeeBonds shall be free to terminate such Potential Investor's access to its Profile.

More Definitions of Potential Investor

Potential Investor means a person, group of people or a firm/company/organization/institution like a Venture Capital firm, Angel Investment firm or Private Equity firm that would be interested in investing in the Incubatee.
Potential Investor has the meaning set forth in Section 28 hereof. “Reorganized Debtors” means, collectively, each of the Debtors or any successors thereto by merger, consolidation, conversion or otherwise, on or after the Effective Date.
Potential Investor means any entity listed below to whom the CDE or a Subsidiary proposes to issue a Qualified Equity Investments to:
Potential Investor has the meaning set forth in Section 28 hereof.

Related to Potential Investor

  • Initial Investment means that portion of the initial capitalization of the Company contributed by the Sponsor or its Affiliates pursuant to Section II.A. of the NASAA REIT Guidelines.

  • Founder means, in respect of an issuer, a person who,

  • Investor means the Buyer, any transferee or assignee thereof to whom a Buyer assigns its rights under this Agreement in accordance with Section 9 and who agrees to become bound by the provisions of this Agreement, and any transferee or assignee thereof to whom a transferee or assignee assigns its rights under this Agreement in accordance with Section 9 and who agrees to become bound by the provisions of this Agreement.

  • Significant Holder means (i) Prudential, so long as Prudential or any Prudential Affiliate shall hold (or be committed under this Agreement to purchase) any Note, or (ii) any other holder of at least 5% of the aggregate principal amount of the Notes of any Series from time to time outstanding.

  • Consortium Member means a company specified in Recital (B) as a member of the Consortium;}

  • substantial shareholder means a person who is entitled to exercise, or to control the exercise of, 10% or more (or such other percentage as may be prescribed by the Listing Rules) of the voting power at any general meeting of the Company;

  • Institutional Investor means (a) any Purchaser of a Note, (b) any holder of a Note holding (together with one or more of its affiliates) more than 5% of the aggregate principal amount of the Notes then outstanding, (c) any bank, trust company, savings and loan association or other financial institution, any pension plan, any investment company, any insurance company, any broker or dealer, or any other similar financial institution or entity, regardless of legal form, and (d) any Related Fund of any holder of any Note.

  • Significant Shareholder means any person who beneficially owns directly, or indirectly through entities controlled by such person or persons associated with or acting jointly or in concert with such person, a percentage of the total number of outstanding shares of a class of the Bank that is in excess of that permitted by the Bank Act.

  • Acquiring Party has the meaning given such term in Section 4.1.