Senior Officers definition

Senior Officers means each of the Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer of the Company.
Senior Officers means the Chairman (if the office of Chairman is filled) and the President.
Senior Officers has the meaning as set forth in Section 4.3.

Examples of Senior Officers in a sentence

  • An effective system of personal performance management should be maintained for the Senior Officers.

  • Compensation of Directors and Senior Officers SUMMARY COMPENSATION Information as to the aggregate compensation paid or accrued during the last two fiscal years and to be paid in the ensuing fiscal year to the Company’s CEO and most highly compensated officers is as follows: Name and Principal Position *All Named officers, Messrs.

  • If the JSC cannot resolve a material matter within its responsibilities by consensus (a “JSC Deadlock”), then either Party may escalate such JSC Deadlock to the Senior Officers for further consideration.

  • If the Senior Officers are unable to resolve a JSC Deadlock related to [***] (a) [***] shall have final decision-making authority with regard to [***], and (b) [***] shall have final decision-making authority for [***].

  • Except for disputes to be resolved by the procedures set forth in Section 6.5, in the event of a dispute arising out of or relating to this Agreement, either Party may provide written notice of the dispute to the other, in which event the dispute shall be referred to the Senior Officers of each Party for attempted resolution by good faith negotiations within [***] after such notice is received.

More Definitions of Senior Officers

Senior Officers means [***]. [***]
Senior Officers means the senior individual or individuals (acting collectively or as a committee) responsible for the management, operations, security, information systems, compliance and/or risk of a Covered Entity, including a branch or agency of a foreign banking organization subject to this Part.
Senior Officers are senior officials of the Authority and Supplier that have been instructed by the Authority Representative and Supplier Representative respectively to resolve the Dispute by commercial negotiation.
Senior Officers means the Chief Executive Officer of each Party. If the position of any of the Senior Officers identified in this definition no longer exists due to a corporate reorganization, corporate restructuring or the like that results in the elimination of the identified position, then the applicable title of the Senior Officer set forth herein will be replaced with the title of another executive officer with responsibilities and seniority comparable to the eliminated Senior Officer, and the relevant Party will promptly provide notice of such replacement title to the other Party.
Senior Officers means, for Array, the Chief Executive Officer of Array BioPharma Inc. or its designee, and for Oncothyreon, the Chief Executive Officer of Oncothyreon Inc. or its designee, provided that in each case the designee shall be an individual with sufficient seniority and authority to make decisions for the matter at issue.
Senior Officers means, for Novartis, the Global Head, Business Development and Licensing of Novartis Pharma AG, and for GW, the Managing Director.
Senior Officers has the meaning set forth in Section 8.17(b).