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The Paying Agent shall maintain the stock register, which shall contain a list of the Holders, the number of shares held by each Holder and the address of each Holder. The Paying Agent shall record in the stock register any change of address of a Holder upon notice by such Holder. In case of any written request or demand for the inspection of the stock register or any other books of the Trust in the possession of the Paying Agent, the Paying Agent will notify the Trust and secure instructions as to permitting or refusing such inspection. The Paying Agent reserves the right, however, to exhibit the stock register or other records to any person in case it is advised by its counsel that its failure to do so would (i) be unlawful or (ii) expose it to liability, unless the Trust shall have offered indemnification satisfactory to the Paying Agent.
The Paying Agent s responsibility for sending the above information to the Certificateholders is limited to the availability, timeliness and accuracy of the information derived from the Servicer. Upon reasonable advance notice in writing if required by federal regulation, the Servicer will provide to each Certificateholder which is a savings and loan association, bank or insurance company certain reports and access during business hours to information and documentation regarding the Mortgage Loans sufficient to permit such Certificateholder to comply with applicable regulations of regulatory authorities with respect to investment in the Certificates; provided, that the Servicer shall be entitled to be reimbursed by each such Certificateholder for the Servicer's actual expenses incurred in providing such reports and access.
The Paying Agent shall have the powers and authority granted to and conferred upon it herein and in the Securities, and such further powers and authority, acceptable to it, to act on behalf of the Company and the Guarantor as the Company and the Guarantor may hereafter grant to or confer upon it. As used herein, "paying agencies" shall mean paying agencies maintained by the Company as provided in Section 12(f) hereof.

Examples of The Paying Agent in a sentence

  • The Paying Agent shall return all unclaimed funds to the Owner Trustee and upon removal of a Paying Agent such Paying Agent shall also return all funds in its possession to the Owner Trustee.

  • The Paying Agent or Registrar may make reasonable rules for its functions.

  • The Paying Agent shall return all unclaimed funds to the Property Trustee and upon removal of a Paying Agent such Paying Agent shall also return all funds in its possession to the Property Trustee.

  • The Paying Agent shall make Distributions to Holders from the Payment Account and shall report the amounts of such Distributions to the Property Trustee and the Administrative Trustees.

  • The Paying Agent, the Registrar and any authenticating agent shall be entitled to the protections and immunities as are set forth in paragraphs (e), (f) and (g) of this Section and in Section 7.2, each with respect to the Trustee.

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The Paying Agent. The Bank of New York 000 Xxxxxxx Xxxxxx New York, New York 10286 Attn: Xxxx Xxxxxxxx Telephone: (212) 815- Telecopier: (000) 000-0000 A copy of any notice, request or other communication given by any party under this Agreement shall be directed to the Administrator if the duties of the Administrator are being performed by a Person other than the Person performing the obligations of the Paying Agent. Except for communications authorized to be made by telephone pursuant to this Agreement, each such notice, request or communication shall be in writing and shall be deemed to have been duly given if either (i) personally delivered (including delivery by courier service or by Federal Express or any other nationally recognized overnight delivery service for next day delivery in the United States) to the offices set forth above, in which case they shall be deemed received on the first Business Day by which delivery shall have been made to said offices, (ii) transmitted by any standard form of telecommunication to the offices set forth above, in which case they shall be deemed received on the first Business Day by which a standard confirmation that such transmission occurred is received by the transmitting party (unless such confirmation states that such transmission occurred after 5:00 P.M. on such first Business Day, in which case delivery shall be deemed to have been received on the immediately succeeding Business Day), or (iii) sent by certified mail, return receipt requested to the offices set forth above, in which case they shall be deemed received when receipted for unless acknowledgment of receipt is refused (in which case delivery shall be deemed to have been received on the first Business Day on which such acknowledgment is refused). Communications shall be given by the Trust or by the Administrator, provided that the Trust shall not have delivered previously to the Paying Agent an instrument in writing revoking the authorization of the Administrator to act for it pursuant hereto.
The Paying Agent. Dexia Banque Internationale a Luxembourg 69 Route d'Esch X-2953 Luxembourg Facsimile No: + 352 4590 4227 (Attention: New Issues and Listing Agency) or such other address of which notice in writing has been given to the other parties to this Agreement under the provisions of this clause. Any such notice shall take effect, if delivered in person, at the time of delivery, if sent by post, three days in the case of inland post or seven days in the case of overseas post after despatch, and, in the case of telex or facsimile, 24 hours after the time of despatch, provided that in the case of a notice given by telex or facsimile transmission such notice shall forthwith be confirmed by post. The failure of the addressee to receive such confirmation shall not invalidate the relevant notice given by telex or facsimile. If the Issuer uses facsimile to notify the Fiscal Agent of its intention to exercise any option (including, but not limited to, early redemption) in relation to any Notes, the Fiscal Agent will confirm receipt of any such notification to the Issuer by fax no later than 12 noon (London time) on the London business day following receipt from the Issuer. In the event that the Issuer does not receive such confirmation of receipt from the Fiscal Agent, the Issuer will immediately notify the Fiscal Agent by telephone of the lack of such confirmation. Until such time as the Issuer has received faxed confirmation of receipt from the Fiscal Agent, no option exercise notification shall be deemed to have been received by the Fiscal Agent, however, the Fiscal Agent shall be protected and shall incur no liability for acting on any option exercise notification irrespective of whether or not receipt of the same has been confirmed by the Fiscal Agent to the Issuer. The Issuer hereby acknowledges that it is fully aware of the risk associated with transmitting instructions via facsimile, and being aware of these risks authorises the Fiscal Agent to accept and act upon any instruction sent to the Fiscal Agent in the Issuer's name or in the name of one or more appropriate authorised signatories of the Issuer via facsimile. The Fiscal Agent shall be entitled to the benefit of the provisions of clause 17 when accepting or acting upon any instructions, communications or documents transmitted by facsimile, and shall not be liable in the event any facsimile transmission is not received, or is mutilated, illegible, interrupted, duplicated, incomplete, unauthorised or delayed fo...
The Paying Agent set forth in each of Section 2.3(b)(i) and Section 2.3(b)(ii) of the Agreement shall be deleted in their entirety.
The Paying Agent shall make the payments provided in Section 1.6(a).
The Paying Agent shall establish a deposit account (the "Paying Agent Account") at State Street Bank and Trust Company of Connecticut, National Association in the name of the Escrow Agent. It is expressly understood by the parties hereto that the Paying Agent is acting as the paying agent of the Escrow Agent hereunder and that no amounts on deposit in the Paying Agent Account constitute part of the Trust Property. The Escrow Agent hereby irrevocably instructs the Paying Agent, and the Paying Agent agrees to act, as follows:
The Paying Agent means any Person authorized by the Company, in compliance with the terms hereof, to pay the principal of or Interest on, or to purchase any Securities on behalf of the Company.
The Paying Agent shall maintain the Register pursuant to Section 8.04(d), and a subaccount for each Lender, in which Register and accounts (taken together) shall be recorded (i) the amount of each Loan made hereunder, the Type of each Loan made and the Interest Period applicable thereto, (ii) the amount of any principal or interest due and payable or to become due and payable from the Borrower to each Lender hereunder and (iii) the amount of any sum received by the Paying Agent hereunder from the Borrower and each Lender's share thereof. The entries made in the Register and accounts maintained pursuant to paragraph (b) and (c) of this Section 2.07 shall, to the extent permitted by applicable law, be prima facie evidence of the existence and amounts of the obligations of the Borrower therein recorded; provided, however, that the failure of any Lender or the Paying Agent to maintain such account, such Register or such subaccount, as applicable, or any error therein shall not in any manner affect the obligation of the Borrower to repay the Loans made to the Borrower by such Lender in accordance with their terms.