Definition of Taxable Year

Taxable Year means the LLC's taxable year as determined in Article 6 hereof.

Taxable Year means a Fiscal Year or other period for which the Code or the Regulations requires Profits and Losses to be determined and allocated to the Members for federal income tax purposes.

Taxable Year means the twelve (12) consecutive month period ending each December 31.

Examples of Taxable Year in a sentence

The Realized Tax Benefit and Realized Tax Detriment for each Taxable Year shall be determined based on the most recent Tax Benefit Schedule or Amended Schedule, if any, in existence at the time of such determination.
Adjusted Capital Account Deficit means with respect to the Capital Account of any Member as of the end of any Taxable Year, the amount by which the balance in such Capital Account is less than zero.
The Actual Interest Amount calculated in respect of the Net Tax Benefit for a Taxable Year will equal the amount of any Extension Rate Interest.
A Catch-Up Eligible Participant is a Participant who is eligible to make Elective Deferrals and who has attained at least age 50 or who will attain age 50 before the end of the Taxable Year in which he/she will make a Catch-Up Deferral.
The Taxable Year shall be the Fiscal Year set forth in Section 8.02.

More definitions of Taxable Year

Taxable Year means the taxable period required by Section 706 of the Code and the Treasury Regulations promulgated thereunder.

Taxable Year means a taxable year as defined in Section 441(b) of the Code or comparable section of state, local or foreign income or franchise Tax law, as applicable (and, therefore, for the avoidance of doubt, may include a period of less than 12 months for which a Tax Return is made).

Taxable Year means the calendar year.