Required Authorizations definition

Required Authorizations means such consents, approvals and other assurances, oral or written, as are, under local custom and practice, customarily obtained from State licensing authorities by reasonable operators of facilities like the Facility, acting in good faith, before such an operator takes possession of, and begins to operate, a facility like the Facility. By way of example and without limitation of the foregoing, in the event that Purchaser receives permission from the applicable State licensing authorities to assume operational control of the Facility prior to the issuance of a non-provisional or non-conditional license for the Facility (e.g., due to a State licensing authority’s requirement that a survey of Purchaser’s operations at the Facility be completed prior to the issuance of a non-provisional or non-conditional license) and, under local custom and practice, reasonable operators of facilities like the Facility customarily take possession of, and begin to operate, facilities like the Facility on the basis of such permission, then, for purposes of this Section 7, the date of such permission would be treated as the date that Purchaser obtained the Required Authorizations.
Required Authorizations means, with respect to any person, (i) all consents, authorizations, approvals or other orders or actions of, or filings or registrations with, any federal, state, local or foreign governmental authority or agency and (ii) all notices, permits, approvals, consents, qualifications, waivers or other actions of third parties under any lease, note, mortgage, indenture, agreement or other instrument (or, in the case of the Company, under any Contract, Employment Agreement or any Governmental Approval) or under any other third-party franchise, license or permit, other than any such consents, authorizations, approvals, permits, qualifications, waivers, orders, registrations, filings, applications or other actions, the absence of which would not reasonably be expected to have a Material Adverse Effect with respect to such person and its Subsidiaries, taken as a whole.
Required Authorizations has the meaning set forth in Section 3.7.

Examples of Required Authorizations in a sentence

  • Time Limitation and Required Authorizations To minimize these risks and to create the best possible educational environment, the District will not make employees available for service of legal papers on the grounds of any District property between the workday hours of 7:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. No person, not authorized to accept service for another individual or the District, may accept service on behalf of the District, Board of Education and/or the Superintendent, or another staff member.

  • Prescription documentation - The Texas WIC Medical Request for Formula/Food F13-06-13152 (hereafter referred to as Medical Request form), and the Texas WIC Medical Request for Effective October 1, 2016 Policy No. FD:16.0 Metabolic Formula/Food both located at are required to provide medical documentation for formula.

  • Contractor further represents and warrants that as of the effective date of each Purchasing Document it shall have, and at all times during the term of such Purchasing Document shall maintain, all Required Authorizations necessary to perform its obligations under such Purchasing Document.

  • Required Authorizations of the Purchaser Subject to the Required Regulatory Approvals, there is no requirement for the Purchaser to make any filing with, give any notice to, or obtain any Authorization of, any Governmental Authority as a result of or as a condition to the entering into of this Agreement or the lawful completion of, the transactions contemplated by this Agreement.

  • The Company and each party to this Agreement shall have received all Required Authorizations under any applicable Legal Requirement necessary to consummate the Contemplated Transactions.

More Definitions of Required Authorizations

Required Authorizations means any and all Authorizations required to be obtained by any Obligor for the construction, development and operation of the Mine, as such construction, development and operation is contemplated by the current or then applicable development or mine plan, as the case may be.
Required Authorizations has the meaning set out in Section 3.1(a).
Required Authorizations has the meaning set forth in Section 3.4.
Required Authorizations has the meaning set forth in Section 3.7. “Required Lenders” means, at any time, the Lenders having Pro Rata Shares in an aggregate Dollar amount that exceeds 50% of the outstanding Loans. “Restricted Payments” means, with respect to any Person, (a) the declaration or making of any dividend payment or other distribution of assets, properties, cash, rights, obligations or securities on account of any of its Stock, (b) the purchasing, redemption or other acquisition for value of any of its Stock now or hereafter outstanding or (c) the making of any payment or prepayment of principal of, premium, if any, interest, fees, redemption, exchange, purchase, retirement, defeasance, sinking fund or similar payment with respect to, any Indebtedness subordinated (including any Qualifying Sub Debt) to the Obligations as to right and time of payment or as to other rights and remedies thereunder. “S&P” means Standard & Poor’s Financial Services LLC, a subsidiary of The XxXxxx-Xxxx Companies, Inc., and any successor thereto.
Required Authorizations has the meaning specified in Section 3.1(d) of Schedule 3.1.