Road authority definition

Road authority means each governmental agency with jurisdiction over public streets and highways. Road authority includes the department, any other state agency, and intergovernmental, county, city, and village governmental agencies responsible for the construction, repair, and maintenance of streets and highways. When a street railway operates or seeks to operate a street railway system over public streets and highways over which more than 1 road authority possesses jurisdiction, road authority includes each road authority with jurisdiction over public streets and highways upon which the street railway operates or seeks to operate a street railway system.
Road authority means a local road agency or the state transportation department.
Road authority. “Road au- thority” means the body authorized to exer- cise authority over a road, highway, street or alley under ORS 810.010. [1983 c.338 §82]

Examples of Road authority in a sentence

  • The Council also obtains traffic information from the Trunk Road authority as the A92 that passes through the city centre and is key arterial road which is within the RTRA area.

  • In this instance, the financial guarantee is explicitly issued in favor of an identified counterparty.• Road authority A is responsible for constructing and maintaining a country’s road infrastructure.

  • Road authority to give notice Where a road authority intends to use the authority vested in it under section 25 the road authority shall give the owner of such land notice in writing at least seven days before entry on to such land.

  • The implementation programme of the Road Fund and the Road authority is currently in the process of approval by the cabinet and both institutions could start operations within three years.

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More Definitions of Road authority

Road authority means the governmental authority having jurisdiction of a public road or public street.
Road authority means the road authority as defined in Section 2 of the Roads Ordinance (Ordinance 19 of 1976).
Road authority means any public authority responsible for the planning, control or management of roads falling within its territorial competence;
Road authority means the organisation or authorised agency appointed by the Council that is responsible for providing and maintaining the road network within the municipal area of the Council;
Road authority means the authority having the control and jurisdiction over a specific road, being it a national, provincial, metropolitan or local road.
Road authority means the council of a county, the corporation of a county or other borough or the council of an urban district;
Road authority means the Land Transport Authority of Singapore established under section 3 of the Land Transport Authority of Singapore Act (Cap. 158A);