Conditional license definition

Conditional license means a temporary license issued, pending completion of a satisfactory background investigation and completion of required training.
Conditional license means a temporary license designated as
Conditional license means a license that may be issued to a new facility to operate in order to permit the applicant to demonstrate compliance with specified standards.

Examples of Conditional license in a sentence

Conditional license fee and renewal thereof.(2) Every person to whom a license is is- sued shall, as a condition precedent to its is- suance, and in addition to any application, examination or other fee, pay the prescribed initial license fee.

More Definitions of Conditional license

Conditional license means a non-renewable one-year license issued by the Board to anew private non-accredited vocational institution or a new private non-accredited degree-granting institution.
Conditional license means a license pursuant to N.J.A.C. 10:161A-2.7. A conditional license requires the licensee to comply with all specific conditions imposed by DAS in addition to the licensure requirements in this chapter.
Conditional license or "conditional approval" means a license
Conditional license means a license issued by the Department of Health in accordance with these rules with one or more conditions imposed on the award of the license.
Conditional license means a license issued to an applicant under ORS 681.325.
Conditional license means a license issued in accordance with the requirements of §37.2-415 to a provider for a new service for a period of time sufficient to allow the provider to demonstrate compliance with regulations of the Board governing licensure of providers.