Lead Authority definition

Lead Authority means a local authority in Wales acting as the Lead Regional Transport Authority for one or more of its Constituent Local Authorities;
Lead Authority means the local authority appointed by the Parties under this agreement to lead on a particular function in accordance with Clause 12.
Lead Authority means the local authority appointed by the Parties under this agreement to lead on a specified matter or function.

Examples of Lead Authority in a sentence

  • The Operator shall participate in an open book reconciliation exercise with TfW and the Lead Authority to enable them to assess compliance by the Operator with the terms of this Agreement and ensure that the Operator has not been over-compensated or under-compensated for provision of services pursuant to the terms of this Agreement.

  • No increase in fares will be allowed during the Term of this Agreement unless it is part of a proposal, approved by the Lead Authority, to improve overall value for money for passengers.

  • They need to sign up to the principle of the agreement and the relationship with their Lead Authority, in ensuring that the ongoing emergency funding meets their priorities and is delivered on their behalf.

  • The Lead Authority shall take steps to coordinate the Authorities with a view to ensuring that the balanced appointment objective is achieved.

  • Where clause 10.2 applies, the Operator acknowledges that it is a condition of the payments made under this Agreement that the Operator will work with the Lead Authority, TfW and other operators to develop a set of partnership obligations which will preserve and improve the benefits to passengers embodied in the Welsh Government requirements set out in this Schedule, recognising the fact that such obligations must be compliant with competition law.

More Definitions of Lead Authority

Lead Authority means Cambridgeshire County Council
Lead Authority means SLDC or such other Party as shall be appointed from time to time as the Lead Authority for the purposes of this Agreement;
Lead Authority means such Participating Authority appointed as such pursuant to the Agreement
Lead Authority means a Party that has recognized or designated, or will recognize or designate, a particular Regulated Entity, and that has been selected from time to time
Lead Authority means the Council, having the principal responsibility for undertaking the particular tasks within the WITS Services and that is authorised by the Members to determine how to undertake the tasks
Lead Authority means the local authority appointed by the Authorities as lead authority in accordance with Clause 6.
Lead Authority means Elmbridge Borough Council.