Lead Authority definition

Lead Authority means a local authority in Wales acting as the Lead Regional Transport Authority for one or more of its Constituent Local Authorities;
Lead Authority means the authority appointed by the Parties under this agreement to lead on a specified matter or function.

Examples of Lead Authority in a sentence

  • The Lead Authority is responsible for all accounting and administration of the Pooled Fund and the Contingency Fund.

  • The Pool Board will nominate the Finance Shared Service for Cannock Chase/Stafford Borough as Lead Authority.

  • The Lead Authority is responsible for all auditing and accounting requirements as set out in legislation.

  • The Pool Board will receive appropriate Legal and Financial support as required as from the Lead Authority.

  • The Lead Authority will be subject to no additional burdens other than those required to meet the normal requirements associated with the administration of the Pool and will receive an agreed fixed annual sum (as determined by the Board) for undertaking the Accountable Body status ..

More Definitions of Lead Authority

Lead Authority means Cambridgeshire County Council
Lead Authority means a Party that has recognized or designated, or will recognize or designate, a particular Regulated Entity, and that has been selected from time to time
Lead Authority means the local authority appointed by the Authorities as lead authority in accordance with Clause 6.
Lead Authority means Elmbridge Borough Council.