Required Governmental Approvals definition

Required Governmental Approvals means the Company Required Governmental Approvals and the Parent Required Governmental Approvals.
Required Governmental Approvals. With respect to each Facility, all licenses, permits, accreditations, authorizations and certifications from any Governmental Authority which are material to or required for (i) the operation of such Facility and any Capital Addition thereto for its Primary Intended Use in accordance with all applicable, material Legal Requirements, including, without limitation, material state facility licenses, certificates of need, permits, provider agreements and accreditations or certifications from Medicare and/or Medicaid, and (ii) for any other use conducted on the Leased Property of such Facility and any Capital Additions thereto as may be permitted from time to time hereunder in accordance with all applicable, material Legal Requirements.
Required Governmental Approvals has the meaning set forth in Section 3.3(b).

Examples of Required Governmental Approvals in a sentence

  • For the avoidance of doubt, the Required Governmental Approvals mentioned in this Section 7.1(a) shall not include any post-Closing registrations.

  • With respect to each Facility, Lessee shall provide and maintain during the entire Term applicable to such Facility all Personal Property necessary in order to operate such Facility (i) in compliance with all Required Governmental Approvals, and (ii) in material compliance with all Legal Requirements and all Insurance Requirements and otherwise in accordance with customary practice in the industry for the Primary Intended Use.

  • The Required Governmental Approvals shall have been obtained, waived or made, as applicable, and the respective waiting periods required in connection with the Required Governmental Approvals shall have expired or been terminated.

  • All Required Governmental Approvals and Required Contractual Consents shall be in effect and all conditions and requirements prescribed by any of the same to be satisfied on or prior to the Closing Date shall have been satisfied.

  • Lessee shall not commit any act that would jeopardize the Required Governmental Approvals for such Facility, and Lessee shall reasonably comply with all requests for an orderly transfer of the same, to the extent permitted by Legal Requirements, upon the expiration or early termination of the Term applicable to such Facility.

More Definitions of Required Governmental Approvals

Required Governmental Approvals has the meaning specified in Section 6.08(a).
Required Governmental Approvals means those filings, notices or approvals required to be obtained in order to consummate the transactions contemplated by this Agreement.
Required Governmental Approvals means the requests for consent, approval, authorization or waiver or notifications required to be filed with any Governmental Authority in connection with the transactions contemplated hereby as set forth on Schedule II.
Required Governmental Approvals. Annex IRSU Consideration” Section 2.4(e) “Schedule 14D-9” Section 1.2(a) “Schedule TO” Section 1.1(g)
Required Governmental Approvals has the meaning set forth in Section 7.1(a).
Required Governmental Approvals means: (a) any required filings, consents and approvals pursuant to the HSR Act; and (b) any required filings with, or consents or approvals of, the Governmental Authorities set forth on Schedule D.