Proportional Amount definition

Proportional Amount has the meaning set forth in Section 7.28.
Proportional Amount means Current Certificate Balances of Class A Certificates and/or Class B Certificates, depending on the context in which such term is used, in the proportion set forth in the Series Certificate Agreement.
Proportional Amount has the meaning set forth in Section 9.31.

Examples of Proportional Amount in a sentence

  • If the amount of Charity provided in any Lease Year is less than the Minimum Charity Care Amount (both amounts prorated if such Lease Year is less than twelve (12) full calendar months), Base Rent payable for such Lease Year shall be reduced by the Proportional Amount.

  • The Agency’s goal is to minimize performance failures by providing technical assistance to potential projects prior to the submission of an application for benefits and in helping projects understand the Performance Based Incentive Policy as follows: • When a project does not achieve expected FTEs at the Project Facility by the dates set in the Project Agreement and falls below a Proportional Amount of 90%.

  • The proportional tax deduction shall be established in such a way that the percentage of the proportional tax deduction on input tax is reduced by the amount which the taxpayer does not have the right to deduct in compliance with Article 32, paragraph 6 of the Law.Percentage of proportional deduction = annual taxable supplies (standard and zero rate) x 100 total annual supplies Proportional Amount of input tax in a tax period -tax deduction= Amount of input tax referred to in Art.

  • The Company agrees to sell to i2 at the Closing of the Next Financing, and i2 agrees to purchase from the Company at the Closing of the Next Financing, that number of Shares equal to the quotient obtained by dividing the Next Financing Proportional Amount by the price at which the Company sells shares of its Common Stock in the Next Financing, subject to Section 1.2(d).

  • With respect to Award Dates after December 27, 1991, you shall no longer become entitled to receive a Proportional Amount of any Forfeited Amounts forfeited on or after such date, and no adjustments shall be made to your Account for any Forfeited Amounts.

More Definitions of Proportional Amount

Proportional Amount shall have the meaning specified in Section 1(a).
Proportional Amount means initially $598,061,333 Class A Certificates to $31,476,912 Class B Certificates.
Proportional Amount means the sum of the change in local government levies and the change in utility fees divided by the number of manufactured home sites in the landlord's manufactured home park;
Proportional Amount means the proportion that the amount of an Award credited to an Account with respect to an Award Date bears to the total amount of Awards credited to all Accounts with respect to such Award Date that have not been forfeited or paid pursuant to Section 9.
Proportional Amount means the ratio obtained by dividing (x) the number resulting from subtracting the number of FTEs employed at the Project Facility on the relevant date or during the relevant period, from the Base Employment Number (as enumerated in the Project Agreement), by (y) Base Employment Number. • Payment in Lieu of Taxes (PILOT) Agreement for each project will establish the terms for increased payments for the year following a performance failure. • Each year, CEO will meet with projects having a higher Proportional Amount percent of FTEs in a previous year to assess business aspects that may lead to a performance failure in the current or subsequent years. This will mitigate a potential future failure by either terminating the project or amending the project agreement and PILOT with cause, and decreasing incentives.
Proportional Amount means $5,000,000 multiplied by the quotient obtained by dividing (a) the Metric by (b) $2,200,000. For example, if the Metric is $2,145,000 the Proportional Amount is $4,875,000.