Class A Certificates definition

Class A Certificates. As specified in the Preliminary Statement.

Examples of Class A Certificates in a sentence

  • On each Distribution Date, the Paying Agent shall distribute to each Class A Certificateholder of record on the related Record Date (other than as provided in Section 12.02 of the Agreement) such Class A Certificateholder’s pro rata share of the amounts held by the Paying Agent that are allocated and available on such Distribution Date to pay interest on the Class A Certificates pursuant to this Supplement.

More Definitions of Class A Certificates

Class A Certificates. The Class A-1, Class A-2, Class A-3 and Class A-4 Certificates.
Class A Certificates means the certificates issued by the Class A Trust, substantially in the form of Exhibit A to the Class A Trust Agreement, and authenticated by the Class A Trustee, representing fractional undivided interests in the Class A Trust, and any certificates issued in exchange therefor or replacement thereof pursuant to the terms of the Class A Trust Agreement.
Class A Certificates means Pass Through Certificates issued by the Class A Pass Through Trust.
Class A Certificates. As set forth in the Preliminary Statement.
Class A Certificates. The Class A-1, Class A-2, Class A-3, Class A-4, Class A-5, Class A-6, Class A-PO, Class A-WIO, Class A-R and Class A-LR Certificates.
Class A Certificates. Any of the Class A-1 Certificates, the Class A-2 Certificates and the Class R Certificates.
Class A Certificates. The Class X-0, Xxxxx X-0, Class A-3, Class A-4, Class A-5 and Class A-SB Certificates.