Project Site(s) definition

Project Site(s) means the place(s) specified in the SCC for the supply and installation of the System.
Project Site(s) means the land parcel(s) listed in Schedule 1 on which BQS is constructed by DTIDCL.
Project Site(s) means the real property, on which the Generating Facilities are to be built and located.

Examples of Project Site(s) in a sentence

  • Infrastructural up gradation of the Central Training Institute and Development of Master Plan for the Central Training Institute at Panikhaiti to a full-fledged modern training Institute (Phase I) Project Location and Details-The Project Sites are within the State of Assam.

  • Preliminary capital pro forma showing the sources and uses of funds to purchase the Project Site(s) and construct the development.

  • Unless otherwise stated in the TDS, inland transportation, insurance and related local costs incidental to the delivery of the Goods to the designated Project Sites must be quoted separately as a Service item in accordance with ITT 17.5, whether the Goods are to be supplied locally or from outside Kenya, except when these costs are already included in the price of the Goods, as is, e.g., the case, when ITT 17.5 (a) specifies CIP, and the named places of destination are the Project Sites.

  • The schedule should include the time needed to obtain financing, complete design and secure permits and approvals, prepare Project Site(s), state and complete construction.

  • Letter of Undertaking of Understanding of the Project Sites as per Annexure- IX.

More Definitions of Project Site(s)

Project Site(s) means the place(s) specified in the SCC
Project Site(s) means those sites where any construction work is performed or any Infrastructure Hardware is installed under the terms of this Agreement. The term “Project Sites” will include all of the Tower Sites (as defined below).
Project Site(s) means the locations of the Charging Stations to be installed and operated by Recipient, as set out in Schedule A; and
Project Site(s) means the place(s) for the supply and installation of the System at Cochin Port Trust Offices and Docks.
Project Site(s) means the area of Kasnau Matasukh Lignite mine area, adjoining areas and any other area required to be covered for execution of this assignment.