Definition of Postponement

Postponement means a delay in the date, which may be combined with a change in the place, of the meeting before it has been convened, but after the time and place thereof have been set forth in a notice delivered or given to shareholders; and public notice shall be deemed to have been given if a public announcement is made by press release reported by a national news service or in a publicly available document filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission ("SEC").
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Examples of Postponement in a sentence

Postponement of a Policy Loan may take place under the same circumstances described above with respect to surrender payments.
Postponement of this kind will not result in a default under the Securities or this Indenture, and no interest will accrue on the postponed amount from the original due date to the next day that is a Business Day.
Section 2.1 Annual Meetings 3 Section 2.2 Special Meetings 3 Section 2.3 Notice of Meetings 4 Section 2.4 Postponement and Adjournment 4 Section 2.5 Voting - Proxies 4 Section 2.6 Concerning Validity of Proxies, Ballots, Etc.
If required by section 409A of the Code, no benefits shall be paid to a Participant who is a Key Employee during the Postponement Period.
Postponed Notes: Means, with respect to any Trust or the related series of Certificates, the Equipment Notes to be held in such Trust as to which a Postponement Notice shall have been delivered pursuant to Section 2.02(b).