Maturity Date Sample Clauses

Maturity Date. 6. In the case of a Fixed Rate Certificated Note, the Interest Rate, whether such Note will pay interest annually or semiannually and whether such Note is an Amortizing Note and, if so, the amortization schedule, or, in the case of a Floating Rate Certificated Note, the Initial Interest Rate (if known at such time), Interest Payment Date(s), Interest Payment Period, Calculation Agent, Base Rate, Index Maturity, Index Currency, Interest Reset Period, Initial Interest Reset Date, Interest Reset Dates, Spread or Spread Multiplier (if any), Minimum Interest Rate (if any), Maximum Interest Rate (if any) and the Alternate Rate Event Spread (if any).
Maturity Date. This Agreement shall continue in effect until the maturity date set forth on the Schedule (the "Maturity Date"), subject to Section 6.3 below.
Maturity Date. On the Maturity Date, all sums due and owing under this Agreement and the Subordinated Notes shall be repaid in full. The Company acknowledges and agrees that the Purchasers have not made any commitments, either express or implied, to extend the terms of the Subordinated Notes past their Maturity Date, and shall not extend such terms beyond the Maturity Date unless the Company and the Purchasers hereafter specifically otherwise agree in writing.
Maturity Date. This Agreement shall continue in effect until the maturity date set forth on the Schedule (the "Maturity Date"); provided that the Maturity Date shall automatically be extended, and this Agreement shall automatically and continuously renew, for successive additional terms of one year each, unless one party gives written notice to the other, not less than sixty days prior to the next Maturity Date, that such party elects to terminate this Agreement effective on the next Maturity Date.
Maturity Date. At origination the Maturity Date with respect to the 2017-3 Lease Agreement was not less than twelve (12) months or more than sixty (60) months after the date of origination. Documents Lease Documents
Maturity Date. If not otherwise converted pursuant to Section 3, the outstanding principal balance and unpaid accrued interest on this Note shall be due two (2) years from the Note Date (the “Maturity Date”) or prior thereto upon the Lender’s first written request following an Event of Default of the Company. The Maturity Date may be extended upon mutual consent of the Company and the Lender.
Maturity Date. The term (the "Term") of the Commitments (and each Bank's obligations to make Loans hereunder) shall terminate and expire on the Maturity Date. Upon the date of the termination of the Term, any Loans then outstanding (together with accrued interest thereon and all other Obligations) shall be due and payable on such date.
Maturity Date. The Revolving Commitments of the Lenders, the LOC Commitment of the Issuing Lender(s) and the Swingline Commitment of the Swingline Lender shall automatically terminate on the Maturity Date.