Meeting Date definition

Meeting Date means the date of the Meeting;
Meeting Date means the date of the Company Meeting.

Examples of Meeting Date in a sentence

  • Item: 04‌Subject: DISCLOSURES OF INTEREST RECOMMENDATION That Disclosures of Interest be presented DISCLOSURE OF INTEREST DECLARATION Name of Meeting: Meeting Date: Item Number: Subject:I, the undersigned, hereby declare the following interest: Pecuniary:Take no part in the consideration and voting and be out of sight of the meeting.

  • Next BOT Meeting Date and Location NFCC District Board of TrusteesMichael R.

  • Luberda County AdministratorDateCounty Board Meeting Date: December 7, 2021 Michael P.

  • Name: Signature: Address: ContactNo: Meeting Date: Council Agenda ItemNo: (if applicable, see below*) Name of OrganisationRepresenting: (if applicable) QUESTION:Each member of the public is entitled to ask up to 3 questions before other members of the public will be invited to ask their question.

  • Meeting Date: January 5, 2011 Approved: Approved as to Form: Arch Liston Mark A.

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Meeting Date means the date which is seventy-five (75) days after the Meeting Requirement Date. The Company will recommend to the shareholders that such authorization be granted and will seek proxies from shareholders not attending the meeting (if such meeting is required to effectuate such authorization) naming a director or officer of the Company as such shareholder's proxy and directing the proxy to vote, or giving the proxy the authority to vote, in favor of such authorization. Upon determination that the shareholders have voted in favor of such authorization, the Company shall cause its counsel to issue to the Buyer an unqualified opinion (the "Authorization Opinion") that such authorization has been duly adopted by all necessary corporate action of the Company and that the Company will be able to issue, without restriction as to the number of such shares, all shares of Common Stock as may be issuable upon conversion of the Debentures and without any limits imposed by the Cap Regulations (as defined in the Debentures) adopted on or before and in effect on the date of the Authorization Opinion. The Authorization Opinion shall state that the Buyer may rely thereon in connection with the transactions contemplated by this Agreement and the other Transaction Agreements regarding its holdings of the Debentures. If, for any reason, (x) the Authorization Opinion is not issued within five (5) business days after such meeting, (y) the meeting is not held by the Meeting Date or (z) the requisite shareholder approval is not obtained at the meeting, then in lieu of issuing any shares in violation of NASDAQ Rule 4310(c)(25)(H) or any of the other Cap Regulations, the Company shall redeem the outstanding Unconverted Debentures (as defined in the Debentures) as set forth in Section 6 of the Debenture within thirty (30) days after the Meeting Date.
Meeting Date means the date of the Silvermex Meeting;
Meeting Date means August 25, 2020, subject to any postponement or adjournment of that date pursuant to the Interim Order or any other Order.
Meeting Date means the date of the Four Seasons Meeting;
Meeting Date means the date of the Meeting as set out in the Meeting Order.
Meeting Date means the date of each annual meeting of the stockholders of the Company at which Directors are elected.