Extension definition

Extension means the establishment of an Extension Series by amending a Loan pursuant to Section 2.16 and the applicable Extension Amendment.
Extension means, with respect to a Loan Facility, an amendment to the Loan Authorization Agreement extending the Final Disbursement Date on the same terms and conditions as the Loan Facility for an aggregate period not to exceed one hundred and twenty (120) days beyond the original Final Disbursement Date, either as agreed to in writing by Ex-Im Bank or, in the case of Delegated Authority, as notified by Lender to Ex-Im Bank pursuant to its authority under the Delegated Authority Letter Agreement.
Extension means the addition of infrastructure not forming part of the Network when the addition is proposed as part of an Access Application or during the negotiation process;

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University of Arkansas Cooperative Extension Service Printing Services, p 3.

A.1 Extension Overprivilege 124A.2 Extension Vulnerabilities 124B Full Results Of User Concern Survey 126C Categorized Permissions 129D Research Ethics and Safety 135Bibliography 136Acknowledgements This thesis would not have been possible without my family, friends, and colleagues.

A resolution authorizing the execution of Change Order No. 2 (Final) relative to Contract No. E-06-006-201, Northpoint Boulevard Extension Phase 1, with Stein Construction Company, Inc., for a decreased amount of $122,178.81, for a revised contract amount not to exceed $1,141,748.30, and to release the $111,392.89 in contingency funds.

WMCA Board report 21 April 2017 Midland Metro Wednesbury to Brierley Hill Extension.

If the Contractor suffers delay or incurs cost from failure on the part of the Procuring Entity to give possession in accordance with the terms of this clause, the Procuring Entity’s Representative shall give the Contractor a Contract Time Extension and certify such sum as fair to cover the cost incurred, which sum shall be paid by Procuring Entity.

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Extension means any establishment of Extended Term Loan Commitments and Extended Term Loans pursuant to Section 2.14 and the applicable Extension Amendment.
Extension means the establishment of a Term Loan Extension Series by amending a Loan pursuant to Section 2.16 and the applicable Extension Amendment.
Extension means a renewal completed in a manner specified by the division.
Extension means, with respect to any Lease Agreement, the extension of the Maturity Date with respect to one or more related Leased Vehicles.
Extension means the construction or installation of plant and/or facilities by the Company to convey service from existing or new plant and/or facilities to one or more new customers, and also means the plant and/or facilities themselves. This term includes all plant and/or facilities for transmission and/or distribution, whether located overhead or underground, on a public street or right of way, or on a private property or private right of way, including the pipe, conduit or other means of conveying service from existing plant and/or facilities to each unit or structure to be served. An extension begins at the existing infrastructure and ends at the meter, inclusive of the meter;
Extension means a Term Loan Extension or a Revolver Extension, as the case may be.
Extension means an addition to the Software which does not require a Modification.