Permitted Subcontractors definition

Permitted Subcontractors has the meaning set forth in Section 3.5.
Permitted Subcontractors means Odebrecht Óleo e Gás S.A., Odebrecht Oil Services Ltd., Teekay Petrojarl Production AS;
Permitted Subcontractors means subcontractors that Administrator uses to provide the Services.

Examples of Permitted Subcontractors in a sentence

  • Subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement MKDG hereby grants back to C4T and its Affiliates a non-exclusive, sublicensable (solely to Permitted Subcontractors), non-transferable, worldwide and royalty- free license under the C4T Technology licensed to MKDG under Section 2.1 above, solely to conduct its activities under each Project Plan and Work Plan during the applicable Collaboration Phase.

  • Servicer shall remain responsible for obligations, services and functions performed by Permitted Subcontractors to the same extent as if these obligations, services and functions were performed by Servicer employees.

  • Subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement, MKDG hereby grants to C4T a non-exclusive, sublicensable (solely to Permitted Subcontractors), non-transferable, worldwide and royalty-free license under the MKDG Technology solely to perform the activities allocated to C4T under the applicable Project Plan and Work Plan during the Collaboration Phase.

  • If Permitted Subcontractors of Xxxxxxxx require any consideration other than fees for service or materials, including royalties or milestone payments for the use of the results of contracted services, Xxxxxxxx will promptly so notify in writing and discuss with Xxx in good faith actions to be taken.

  • Servicer shall promptly pay for all services, materials, equipment and labor used by Servicer or Permitted Subcontractors and Servicer shall keep premises and accounts of Navient and all Navient Agents free of all encumbrances.

More Definitions of Permitted Subcontractors

Permitted Subcontractors has the meaning as set forth in Section 4.3.6.
Permitted Subcontractors is defined in Section 14.4 (Subcontracting).
Permitted Subcontractors means subcontractors that Vendor uses and Customer has approved in writing (or via e-mail) to provide the Services.
Permitted Subcontractors means the Third Party contractors listed on Error! Reference source not found. or in the Work Plan that have otherwise been preapproved by MKDG to work on behalf of C4T to perform certain activities under this Agreement. 1.82 “Person” means any individual, corporation, company, partnership, association, joint-stock company, trust, unincorporated organization or government or political subdivision thereof. 1.83 “Phase I Clinical Trial” means a study in humans which provides for the first introduction into humans of a product, conducted in normal volunteers or patients to generate
Permitted Subcontractors means those subcontractors of Samsung that will be involved with Production or otherwise of any Device who, as a result, require a sublicense of the rights granted by PureDepth to Samsung under this Agreement. Any such sublicense will be subject to the terms and conditions set out under this Agreement. 1.12 “Plans” means, collectively, the various guidelines/minimum requirements (at a high level) to be met by either or both parties, as applicable, in order to meet/deliver on the respective Milestones, including, in respect of Device Appendix No 1 in the first instance (and amended/updated/deleted or otherwise added to/for each other Device Appendix going forward), the: (a) Branding Plan (“Exhibit G”); (b) Production Plan (“Exhibit H”); (c) Content Development Plan (“Exhibit I”), (d) Public/Investor Relations Plan (“Exhibit J”); (e) Device Labeling Plan (“Exhibit K”); and
Permitted Subcontractors means (i) Georgetown University, and (ii) additional Third Party subcontractors hired by SHUTTLE to perform work related to the Cell-Based Models for Prostate Cancer. All Permitted Subcontractors other than Georgetown University will require a sublicense from PROPAGENIX, with terms to be negotiated in good faith between the Parties.
Permitted Subcontractors means subcontractors (including Affiliates of Provider) approved by Company used to provide the Services in accordance with and pursuant to Article 17. “Personal Data” shall mean (a) any information provided to or collected by Provider (i) that identifies or can be used to identify, contact, locate, or be traced back to the specific person to whom such information pertains, or when used in combination with other information provided hereunder or Processed by Provider on behalf of any of the Company Entities, identifies an individual; or (ii) from which identification or contact information of an individual person can be derived; (b) Sensitive Personal Data; and (c) protected health information. Personal Data can be in any media or format, including computerized or electronic records as well as paper-based files. Personal Data may include: (i) a first or last name or initials; (ii) a home or other physical address, including street name and name of city or town; (iii) an email address or other online contact information, such as an instant messaging user identifier or a screen name that reveals an individual’s email address; (iv) a telephone number; (v) a social security number , tax ID number or other government-issued identifier; (vi) an Internet Protocol (“IP”) address or host name that identifies an individual; (vii) a persistent identifier, such as a customer number held in a “cookie” or processor serial number, that is combined with other available data that identifies an individual; (viii) birth dates or treatment dates; (ix) coded data that is derived from Personal Data;