Sub-subcontractor definition

Sub-subcontractor means a Person engaged by a Subcontractor to perform a portion of the Trade Contractor Work. The term “Sub-Subcontractor” also includes any lower tier Persons engaged by Sub-Subcontractor to perform a portion of the Trade Contractor Work.
Sub-subcontractor means any properly qualified individual, firm, association, or corporation undertaking the performance of any part of the Work by virtue of an agreement between itself and a Subcontractor or a subtier contractor of Subcontractor, and shall also include Suppliers.
Sub-subcontractor means any Person, including an Equipment supplier or vendor, who has a direct or indirect contract with a Subcontractor or another Sub-subcontractor to manufacture or supply Equipment which comprises a portion of the Work, to lease Construction Equipment to Subcontractor or another Sub-subcontractor in connection with the Work, to perform a portion of the Work or to otherwise furnish labor or materials.

Examples of Sub-subcontractor in a sentence

  • If a claim results from any construction activity, the responsible Contractor, Subcontractor, or Sub-Subcontractor shall pay the Contractor Claims Obligation up to$5,000.

More Definitions of Sub-subcontractor

Sub-subcontractor. Any individual, firm or organization, other than an employee of the CMR or of a Subcontractor, who contracts with a Subcontractor to furnish, or who actually furnishes labor, materials, service or equipment, or any combination thereof to a Subcontractor.
Sub-subcontractor means any party, at any tier, having an agreement with Subcontractor or with a Sub- subcontractor, to perform a portion of the Work.
Sub-subcontractor means a person, firm or corporation having a contract with a Subcontractor for the performance of a part of the Work at the Site.
Sub-subcontractor means a person or entity who has a direct or indirect contract with a subcontractor to perform any of the Work at the site or an authorized representative thereof.
Sub-subcontractor means a Person having an agreement with a Subcontractor to perform Work.
Sub-subcontractor means any entity that has a direct contract with another subcontractor to perform a portion of the work under a construction contract.
Sub-subcontractor means one who, by contract with a