Install definition

Install means the complete installation of any item, equipment or material.
Install means placing the Software on a computer’s hard disk, CD-ROM or other secondary storage device.

Examples of Install in a sentence

  • Moreover, issuance of the Permit to Install is not to be construed as a waiver of any rights that the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency (or other persons) may have against the applicant for starting construction prior to the effective date of the permit.

  • The emissions unit(s) identified in this Permit to Install shall remain in full compliance with all applicable State laws and regulations and the terms and conditions of this permit.

  • Furthermore, issuance of the Permit to Install does not constitute an assurance that the proposed source will operate in compliance with all Ohio laws and regulations.

  • Install signs stating "DANGER HIGH VOLTAGE" at any location where contact with live 15 KV parts is possible.

  • This Permit To Install is applicable only to the emissions unit(s) identified in the Permit To Install.

More Definitions of Install

Install means to put services, materials, or equipment into use or place in final position complete and ready for intended use.
Install or “installation” means the work involved in placing an underground storage tank system or any part thereof in the ground and preparing it to be placed in service.
Install means to purchase, set up, test and warrant a new component. " Replace" means to remove and dispose of original material, purchase new material, deliver, install, test and warrant. "Repair" means to return a building component to like new condition through replacement, adjustment and recoating of parts. "Reinstall" means to remove, clean, store and install a component.
Install or “installation” means to carry out final setup activities necessary to provide equipment or control apparatus with the capacity for use or service. This term includes, but is not limited to, connection of equipment or control apparatus, associated utilities, piping, ductwork or conveyor systems. This term does not include construction, as defined above, nor the reconfiguration of equipment or control apparatus to an alternate configuration specified in a permit application and approved by the Department. This term includes relocation of existing equipment or control apparatus.
Install means put in place and ready for use in accordance with the requirements of the Contract Documents. Installation shall include but not be limited to: (a) the provision of all required spare parts, all operation and maintenance manuals, all maintenance summaries, all certificates of proper installation, and documentation of the satisfactory completion of all testing requirements; and (b) the completion of all other specified services, including but not limited to any staff training requirements.
Install means install and connect. Install has this meaning whether or not the first letter is capitalized."
Install means to join, unite, fasten, link, attach, set up, or otherwise connect together before testing and turning over to Owner, complete and ready for regular operation, the particular Work referred to.