Installer definition

Installer means an employee engaged in the fitting, fixing and installing of blinds of all types including venetian blinds, and awnings,
Installer means any individual licensed by the director to install, set up, connect, hook up, block, tie down, secure, support, install temporary steps for, install skirting for or make elec- trical, plumbing or mechanical connections to manufactured dwellings or cabanas or who provides consultation or supervision for any of these activities, except architects registered under ORS

Examples of Installer in a sentence

  • If possible, review proposed procedures with original Installer; comply with original Installer's written recommendations.

  • Beginning of the work shall indicate acceptance of the areas and conditions as satisfactory by the Installer.

  • Examine joints indicated to receive joint sealants, with Installer present, for compliance with requirements for joint configuration, installation tolerances, and other conditions affecting performance of the Work.

  • The warranty shall be countersigned by the Installer and the manufacturer.

  • Provide final protection and maintain conditions in a manner acceptable to the Installer that shall ensure that the solid state UPS shall be without damage at time of Substantial Completion.

More Definitions of Installer

Installer means any individual licensed by the director to install, set up, connect, hook
Installer means any person who performs the installation
Installer means any entity or individual who physically or mechanically installs a boiler, pressure vessel or water heater that meets the in-service inspection requirements of this chapter. The installer is defined as a registered contractor, owner, user or designee.
Installer means Crown Gas & Power, Transporter or an alternative third party appointed by Crown Gas & Power to provide the Meter Installation.