Construct definition

Construct means constructing, reconstructing, upgrading, extending, relocating, or removing any part of the Natural Gas Distribution System;
Construct means constructing, reconstructing, upgrading, extending, relocating or removing any part of the existing Distribution System or proposed Distribution System;
Construct means to do anything in the erection, installation, extension or material alteration or repair of a building and includes the installation of a building unit fabricated or moved from elsewhere and “construction” has a corresponding meaning.

Examples of Construct in a sentence

  • Biersteker, Cynthia Weber, “The Social Construction of the State Sovereignty”, in the State Sovereignty as Social Construct, Thomas J.

  • Construct well bonded and sealed longitudinal joints to obtain maximum compaction at the joint.

  • Construct the concrete base to comply with PCC sidewalk construction specifications.

  • Construct conforming to the following:• Asphalt surface a minimum of 2 inches thick compacted with compactors, tampers, or rollers.• Framed plywood panels 4 feet wide with a skid resistant surface coating.• Steel or prefabricated plate with a skid resistant surface coating.

  • Construct fill and waste areas by selective placement to avoid erosive surface silts or clays.

More Definitions of Construct

Construct or “construction” means to fabricate or erect equipment or control apparatus at a facility where it is intended to be used, but shall not include the dismantling of existing equipment or control apparatus, site preparation, or the ordering, receiving, temporary storage, or installation of equipment or control apparatus. Unless otherwise prohibited by Federal law, this term shall also not include the pouring of footings or placement of a foundation where equipment or control apparatus is intended to be used.
Construct means and includes construct, install, erect, build, affix or otherwise place any fixed structure or object, in, on, under, through or above the right-of- way.
Construct means to build, reconstruct, or repair when such activity affects any engineered component of a facility. Construct does not include routine maintenance activities.
Construct means to construct a building as defined in Section 1(1) of the Act;
Construct means and includes establish, construct, reconstruct, upgrade or extend any part of the existing Gas Distribution System or proposed Gas Distribution System;
Construct means to build, install, assemble, expand, alter, convert, replace or relocate. “Construct” includes to install equipment and to prepare a site.