connect definition

connect means the installation of the Connection Equipment in such a way that (subject to Energisation) the Customer may import electricity to, and/or export electricity from, the Customer’s Installation over the Distribution System at the Connection Point;
connect means make final electrical connections for a complete operating piece of equipment.
connect means in respect of a consumer’s or Generation Licensee’s installation, to put into place a physical link between the relevant service connection and the relevant connection point, but excluding the physical link between the service connection termination and the installation, and “connection”, “disconnection”, “reconnection” and all grammatical variations thereof shall be interpreted accordingly, provided that the term “disconnection” shall be interpreted to mean the removal of the physical link and/or discontinuing the flow of electricity to or from an installation;

Examples of connect in a sentence

  • This email address is to be used to open an epost Connect conversation, as detailed in Standard Instructions 2003, or to send bids through an epost Connect message if the bidder is using its own licensing agreement for epost Connect.

  • The epost Connect system has a limit of 1GB per single message posted and a limit of 20GB per conversation.

  • Requests to open an epost Connect conversation received after that time may not be answered.

  • It should be noted that the use of epost Connect service requires a Canadian mailing address.

  • This bid solicitation allows bidders to use the epost Connect service provided by Canada Post Corporation to transmit their bid electronically.

More Definitions of connect

connect means to form a physical link to or with the transmission system for the purpose of enabling the flow of electricity at the boundary between the transmission system and a facility or other equipment and, without limiting the generality of section of Chapter 1, and “reconnect” shall be interpreted accordingly;
connect means to form a direct physical link between a transmitter's transmission facilities and a customer's facilities or a neighbouring Ontario transmitter’s facilities;
connect means to attach by way of a physical link to a network and to energise the link.
connect. , in relation to any premises, means connect to a gas main of a gas transporter, whether directly or by means of a gas service pipe, and “disconnect” and “re-connect” have corresponding meanings except that they also include discontinuing or restoring, as the case may be, the conveyance of gas to the premises;
connect means to form a physical link to or through a network.
connect. connection facilities”; “connection point”; “connection service”; “contracted capacity”; “circuit breaker”; “emergency”; “facilities”; “fault”; “forced outage”; “good utility practice”; “isolate”; “isolating device”; “licence”; “maintenance”; “outage”; “planned outage”; “promptly”; “protection system”; “protective relay”; “Rate Order”; “reliability”; “reliability organization”; “reliability standards”; “single contingency”; “site”; “transmission facilities”; “transmission service”; and “work”.
connect means to connect to a distribution system;