Hosted Service definition

Hosted Service means the provision of and access to the Vocera Care Transition Software and related services either at your site and/or via secure electronic access over the Internet provided to you by Vocera and/or its designee. Defined terms used in this XXXX, but not defined herein, are defined in the Supplemental Terms and Conditions in Attachment 3.
Hosted Service means a service that makes software accessible to a user via the Internet and where the user is not a licensee of a copy of the software and any other services are merely ancillary to the usage of the software and/or other integrated software components.
Hosted Service means Software licensed by Customer under an Order Form which will, in whole or in part, be hosted by Appgate on behalf of Customer and made available for access by Customer via the Internet as a service.

Examples of Hosted Service in a sentence

  • You acknowledge that your purchase of the Hosted Service or Software Product is not contingent on the delivery of any prospective functionality or features, or dependent on any oral or written comments made regarding future functionality or features.

  • If you install or enable any Other Application for use with the Hosted Service or Software Product, you may be required to grant permission to the provider of that Other Application to access Your Data as required for the interoperation of that Other Application with the Hosted Service or Software Product.

  • If a third party contends that any content in Agiloft’s Hosted Service or Software Product violates applicable law or third-party rights, and if Agiloft is directed to remove such content in Agiloft’s Software Product or Hosted Service, Agiloft will remove such content as soon as practical, including, without limitation, in an upgrade to Agiloft’s Software Product.

  • You agree to use the Hosted Service and Software Product only in accordance with this Agreement, the End User Order, the N Documentation and applicable laws and government regulations.

  • The Hosted Service or Software Product may contain features designed to interoperate with Other Applications.

More Definitions of Hosted Service

Hosted Service means a technology service hosted by or on behalf of Graylog and provided to Customer and governed by “Hosted Service Terms
Hosted Service means a technology service hosted by or on behalf of Splunk and provided to you.
Hosted Service means any part of the Services that is provided using Software hosted by or on behalf of the Supplier, as described in the Contract.
Hosted Service means the real-time website service hosted by Julota and provided to Customer from time to time. The Hosted Service includes any change, improvement, extension or other new version thereof that is developed or otherwise made available to Customer.
Hosted Service for the purposes of this Schedule means Entrust’s Identity as a Service, Certificate Services, Signing Automation Service, Remote Signing Service, PKI as a Service, Managed PKI, Managed Certificate Hub, Cryptography as a Service, Managed Root CA, and/or Managed Microsoft PKI.
Hosted Service means provision of the Licensed Programs as a managed service to one or more Third Parties from a network host.
Hosted Service means the SaaS‐based services to be provided by Spirent to Customer, and known as the GNSS Foresight Forecast Service, as more particularly described in the relevant Order Schedule.