Police Service definition

Police Service. ’ means the South African Police Service established in terms of section 5(1) of the South African Police Service Act;
Police Service means the South African Police Service deployed in the Province or a municipal police service;
Police Service means the Police Service established under section 4 of the Police Service Act;

Examples of Police Service in a sentence

  • An employee may also choose to provide other forms of evidence, including a medical certificate, or document issued by the Police Service, a Court, a Doctor, district Nurse, a Family Violence Support Service or Lawyer.

  • These Agreements will remain in place and involve the following groups: ⮚ Ambulance Service ⮚ States Fire and Rescue Service ⮚ Prison Service ⮚ Police Service WORKING ARRANGEMENTS DURING A DISPUTE All affected parties agree to make all reasonable attempts to resolve any differences as soon as possible.

More Definitions of Police Service

Police Service means the Ontario Provincial Police or a police service maintained by a police service board; (“service de police”)
Police Service means the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service established by section 4;
Police Service means the Police Service of Scotland.
Police Service whenever hereinafter used shall mean the Police Service the Employer. Wherever applicable in the Agreement, the singular shall include the plural.
Police Service means the Cornwall Community Police Service.
Police Service means service as a member of the Isle of Man Constabulary or in any other capacity by virtue of which a person has the powers or privileges of a constable;
Police Service means the Ottawa Police Service;