Grievance definition

Examples of Grievance in a sentence

  • Any written notice, report or determination made in accordance with the Grievance Process shall be sent simultaneously to all parties involved.

  • The Ministry of Social Welfare Resolution, New Delhi, 10th September 1993, Notification No.12011/68/93-BCC(C), vide Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievance & Pensions (Department of Personnel and Training), OM No.36012/22/93-Estt.

  • The Department Manager or Vice-president as appropriate after meeting with the Grievance Committee, shall answer the grievance in writing within five (5) working days of receiving the grievance.

  • To hire, discharge, classify, transfer, pro- xxxx, demote, lay-off, suspend or otherwise disci- xxxxx employees, provided that a claim by an employee that has been discharged without reasona- ble cause shall be subject to the provisions of the Grievance Procedure.

  • A copy of the Mountain Area Workforce Development Board’s Equal Opportunity Complaint Grievance Procedure is attached in WISE.

More Definitions of Grievance

Grievance means a dispute involving the interpretation or application of the specific provisions of this Agreement, except as exclusions are noted in this Agreement, filed on the appropriate form as contained in Appendix B of this Agreement.
Grievance means an allegation by an employee resulting in a dispute or disagreement between the employee and the School Board as to the interpretation or application of terms and conditions of employment insofar as such matters are contained in this Agreement.
Grievance means a complaint or claim concerning improper discipline or discharge, or a dispute with reference to the interpretation, application, administration or alleged violation of this Agreement. A "Group Grievance" is defined as a single grievance, signed by a Xxxxxxx or a Representative on behalf of a group of employees who have the same complaint. Such grievance must be dealt with at successive stages of the Grievance procedure commencing with Step 1. The grievors shall be listed on the grievance form. A "Policy Grievance" is defined as one which involves a question relating to the interpretation, application, or administration of this Agreement.
Grievance means a written complaint submitted by or on
Grievance means a written complaint submitted by or on behalf of a covered person regarding service delivery issues other than denial of payment for medical services or nonprovision of medical services, including dissatisfaction with medical care, waiting time for medical services, provider or staff attitude or demeanor, or dissatisfaction with service provided by the health carrier. The grievance process is outlined as follows: