Hearing definition

Hearing means a contested case hearing subject to OAR 137-003- 0501 to 137-003-0700, which results in a Final Order.
Hearing means an oral hearing and includes a hearing conducted in whole or in part by video link, telephone or other means of instantaneous two-way electronic communication;
Hearing means the formal process following an action that would terminate, suspend, reduce, or deny a service. This is a formal process required by federal law (42 CFR 431.200-250). A hearing is also known as a Medicaid Fair Hearing and contested case hearing.

Examples of Hearing in a sentence

Hearing GroupReceiver Depth (m)* Cells without values correspond to receiver depths that do not exist at shallow sites.

Year 2000 Position Statement: Principles and Guidelines for Early Hearing Detection and Intervention Programs.

Hearing Panel members from one University may be asked to serve on a hearing panel involving another University.

A good faith attempt will be made for the Hearing Panel to include at least one faculty member and one administrator or staff member.

The Hearing Officer acts as an interface between the interested parties and the Commission investigation services.

More Definitions of Hearing

Hearing means a meeting of at least three neutral members, one of whom is designated or elected to serve as chairman. The hearing shall be conducted pursuant to guidelines established by the Organization Member.
Hearing means an oral hearing;
Hearing means an adjudicative proceeding autho- rized by this chapter, or chapters 26.23, 74.20 and 74.20A RCW, conducted under chapter 388-02 WAC and chapter
Hearing means a meeting of at least five members, one of which is designated or elected to serve as a Chairperson. The Chairperson of a hearing shall not vote except to break a tie vote. Such members, including the Chairperson, shall not be the State Referee Administrator, the State Director of Referee Instruction, the State Director of Referee Assessment, a Federation National or FIFA Referee, or any other member of the State Referee Administration.
Hearing means a public hearing by any agency in compliance with procedural safeguards afforded by sections 119.01 to 119.13 of the Revised Code.