Hearing definition

Hearing means an oral hearing and includes a hearing conducted in whole or in part by video link, telephone or other means of instantaneous two-way electronic communication;
Hearing means a contested case hearing subject to OAR 137-003- 0501 to 137-003-0700, which results in a Final Order.
Hearing means the formal process following an action that would terminate, suspend, reduce, or deny a service. This is a formal process required by federal law (42 CFR 431.200-250). A hearing is also known as a Medicaid Fair Hearing, Contested Case Hearing, and Administrative Hearing.

Examples of Hearing in a sentence

  • During the year in which a teacher who is employed as an Educational Speech Language Clinician receives from the American Speech/Language/ Hearing Association Certificate of Clinical Competence the teacher shall receive additional pay.

  • In this event, the MCO must attempt to contact the member to initiate the MCO appeal process unless the timeframe for a member to file an appeal with the MCO has been exhausted in accordance with OAC rule5160-26- 08.4. The MCO made an adverse appeal resolution pertaining to the state hearing request, whether or not the appeal was expedited, and attach a copy of the State Hearing Notice issued to the member.

  • Participants who disagree with the decisions of designated Department, shall have the further right to appeal to the Department's Hearing Officer.

  • Written notice of the date, time, and location for the Xxxxxx Hearing shall be provided in advance to the employee.

  • An employee against whom disciplinary action is being considered shall have the right to attend a Xxxxxx Hearing with the Superintendent or his/her designee and may respond either orally and/or in writing.

More Definitions of Hearing

Hearing means any proceeding conducted in open court that
Hearing means a meeting of at least three neutral members, one of whom is designated or elected to serve as chairman. The hearing shall be conducted pursuant to guidelines established by the Organization Member.
Hearing means the administrative review process conducted by an administrative law judge.
Hearing means a public proceeding conducted by a hearing officer where the parties and other interested persons, as provided for by law and the Board's procedural rules, present evidence and argument regarding their positions.
Hearing means any meeting in the course of an investigatory proceeding, other than
Hearing means the hearing provided to a licensee or applicant when requesting an appeal of OCCL's decision to place the facility on an enforcement action such as warning of probation, probation, suspension, revocation, or denial. A licensee or applicant may provide evidence to contest the action.