Disciplinary Authority definition

Disciplinary Authority means the appointing authority or any other authority as may be specified to be the Disciplinary Authority in respect of any of the post/posts and includes all the authorities superior to the appointing authority.
Disciplinary Authority means the authority competent under these rules to impose on a Government servant any of the penalties specified in Rule 11;
Disciplinary Authority means Massachusetts Hockey, including each District of Massachusetts Hockey, any League, any Association, or a local league, association or program having jurisdiction to issue Discipline to any Party within the jurisdiction of USA Hockey.

Examples of Disciplinary Authority in a sentence

  • No other person in defense of or representative capacity for both parties shall be allowed to appear before the Appeals Committee;In determining an appeal the Appeals Committee shall have powers to confirm, vary or set aside any decision reached or, within the prescribed limits, enhance, reduce or set aside any penalty imposed by the Disciplinary Authority;(v) The Disciplinary Authority shall institute all proceedings and may lodge or defend any appeal before the Appeals Committee.

  • If the Sub-Committee Vigil Mechanism is satisfied that the Disclosures/Disclosure is false, motivated or vexatious, the Sub-Committee Vigil Mechanism may report the matter to concerned Disciplinary Authority for appropriate disciplinary action against the Whistle Blower.

  • Where the Disciplinary Authority is of the opinion that a prima facie case for disciplinary action is disclosed, disciplinary proceedings shall be held so as to determine the case in dispute.

  • The Disciplinary Authority served upon the respondent, a copy of the said enquiry report, alongwith a show- cause notice dated 26.4.1999 giving him a period of 15 days to reply, to which the respondent furnished his reply dated 17.5.1999.

  • The Disciplinary Authority shall serve upon the student and the complainant a proper notice.

More Definitions of Disciplinary Authority

Disciplinary Authority means the authority specified in the schedule which is competent to impose on an officer employee any of the penalties specified in regulation 4;
Disciplinary Authority means the director, board, or
Disciplinary Authority means the director, board, or commission having the authority to take disciplinary action against a holder of, or applicant for, a professional or busi-
Disciplinary Authority means the authority specified in the Schedule appended to these rules and competent to impose any of the penalties specified in Rules.
Disciplinary Authority means the President/Vice-President and/or Secretary of the Institute.
Disciplinary Authority means the Authority or the Officer authorised to take disciplinary action against the teacher, except otherwise provided in the Act;