Disciplinary proceeding definition

Disciplinary proceeding means any proceeding under the authority of each board pursuant to which licensee discipline may be imposed.
Disciplinary proceeding means an adjudicative proceeding permitted under this
Disciplinary proceeding means any inquiry, investigation, disciplinary proceeding, summary imposition of fines, summary suspension or other summary action conducted pursuant to Chapter 7 of the Rules.

Examples of Disciplinary proceeding in a sentence

  • The results of a Disciplinary proceeding by the University in connection with an alleged crime of violence may be disclosed to the alleged victim of the crime.

  • Disciplinary proceeding come to an end immediately on the death of the delinquent Government servant.

  • Hearing Rights of persons or entities charged: USATF and its Associations shall provide any athlete, coach, trainer, manager, administrator, official, other individual, or entity subject to a Grievance or Disciplinary proceeding with fair notice and an opportunity for a hearing prior to deciding the matter or imposing any penalty.

  • Disciplinary proceeding for apprentices shall be duly noticed in writing to such individuals.

  • Disciplinary proceeding means a formal investigation or proceeding regarding your adherence to professional standards of conduct in the performance of professional legal services before a court, state licensing board, peer review committee, bar association, or other regulatory body.

More Definitions of Disciplinary proceeding

Disciplinary proceeding means an adjudicative proceeding permitted
Disciplinary proceeding means an adjudicative proceeding permitted under this title:
Disciplinary proceeding means all activities related to the University’s non-criminal resolution of a report to the University of Prohibited Conduct, including, but not limited to, fact-finding investigations, formal or informal meetings, and hearings. “Disciplinary proceeding” does not include communications and meetings between Title IX Officials and a Complainant or a Respondent concerning supportive measures.
Disciplinary proceeding means a proceeding against one or more licensees in which the board may revoke, suspend, or limit a license, reprimand a licensee, or assess a forfeiture or require education or training under s. 452.14 (4m) or (4r).
Disciplinary proceeding means a proceeding in which the Bar is charging an attorney with misconduct in a formal complaint.