Governmental Authority(ies) definition

Governmental Authority(ies) means any federal, state or local government, and political subdivision(s) thereof, and any entity(ies) exercising executive, legislative, judicial, regulatory or administrative functions having or pertaining to government.
Governmental Authority(ies) means the government of the United States or any other nation, or of any political subdivision thereof, whether state, regional or local, and any agency, authority, instrumentality, regulatory body, court or other entity exercising executive, legislative, judicial, taxing, regulatory or administrative powers or functions of or pertaining to government.

Examples of Governmental Authority(ies) in a sentence

  • The Participating TO and the CAISO shall file this LGIA (and any amendment hereto) with the appropriate Governmental Authority(ies), if required.

  • Any such information may also be provided to any Court or Stock Exchanges or other Statutory, Regulatory or Governmental Authority(ies) in case the Company is under obligation to disclose the same.

  • If either Party deems it necessary or desirable for any reason to register or record this Agreement or evidence of this Agreement with any patent office or other appropriate Governmental Authority(ies) in one or more jurisdictions in the Territory, the other Party shall reasonably cooperate to execute and deliver to such Party any documents accurately reflecting or evidencing this Agreement that are necessary or desirable, in such Party’s reasonable judgment, to complete such registration or recordation.

  • The Covenantors shall ensure the PRC Domestic Company to obtain from Beijing Communications Administration an approval with respect to the change in its shareholding structure as a result of the above mentioned equity transfer, as soon as practicable but no later than six (6) months following such equity transfer are registered at the competent administration for industry and commerce of the PRC, and in compliance with the requirements of the relevant Governmental Authority(ies).

  • The Allottee(s) agrees and understand that terms and conditions of the Application and those of the Agreement may be modified/amended in accordance with any directions/order which may be passed by any Governmental Authority(ies), court of law, tribunal, or Commission in compliance with applicable laws and such amendment shall be binding on the Allottee(s) and the Company.

More Definitions of Governmental Authority(ies)

Governmental Authority(ies) means any federal, state, local or municipal body having jurisdiction over a Party.
Governmental Authority(ies) means (a) any federal, state, county or municipal government, or any political subdivision thereof; (b) any governmental or quasi-governmental agency, authority, board, department, commission, instrumentality or public body; or (c) any court, administrative tribunal or public utility.
Governmental Authority(ies) means any Federal, state, local, quasi-governmental instrumentality or foreign court, or governmental agency, authority, instrumentality, agency, bureau, commission, department or regulatory body.
Governmental Authority(ies) means (i) any national, federal, state, county, municipal, local, or foreign government or any entity exercising executive, legislative, judicial, regulatory, taxing, or administrative functions of or pertaining to government, municipality or any local or other authority, trade agency, regulatory authority, court, tribunal or arbitral tribunal, (ii) any public international organization, (iii) any agency, division, bureau, department, or other political subdivision of any government, entity or organization described in the foregoing clauses (i) or (ii) of this definition; or (iv) any company, business, enterprise, or other entity owned, in whole or in part, or controlled by any government, entity, organization, or other Person described in the foregoing clauses (i), (ii) or (iii) of this definition;
Governmental Authority(ies) means any court, legislature, council, agency, authority, board (including, without limitation, environmental protection, planning and zoning), bureau, commission, department, office or instrumentality of any nature whatsoever of any governmental or quasi-governmental unit, or any governmental, public or quasi-public authority, of any foreign, domestic, federal, state, county, city, borough, municipal government or other political subdivision of any of the foregoing, or any official thereof, whether now or hereafter in existence.
Governmental Authority(ies) when used in the singular, means any federal, state or local governmental or quasi-governmental instrumentality, agency, board, commission or department or any regulatory agency, bureau, commission or authority and, when used in the plural, means all such entities.